Friday, 18 August 2017

This week I’ve been…

Reading: The Shepherd’s Life by James Rebanks. My Kindle is broken (RIP) and so wherever I go I just buy cheap paperbacks (plus I keep ordering them for 28p second hand on Amazon), but I ran out in the Lake District and my husband bought this for me in a little touristy shop that mostly sold fudge and flavoured jam. Anyway, I’m only about a quarter of the way through but I adore it. I just got back from the Lake District, which helps, but this gives a completely different, totally unromantic and yet somehow still beautiful perspective. I want to crawl into the pages and live in this earthy, real world where the air is clean and life is simple and pure. I know this actually got a bit of a cult following but it still somehow passed me by, so if it passed you by too, buy it, read it, trust me.

Listening to: The High Low podcast – Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes basically rattle through the news of the week, both trivial and serious, focusing in on certain pop culture aspects of it (they spend time this week, for example, discussing a tweet Lordes wrote following the Charlottesville rally) in a way that manages to be both thought-provoking, entertaining and completely absorbing. It helps that both girls are acerbically funny, and that they manage to be self-deprecating without being embarrassed or ashamed to have their own thoughts on big problems. I sort of felt that feeling you get when you’re two glasses of wine in round a table with good friends and you decide to put the world to rights; like suddenly you have all sorts of views and opinions and want somewhere to put them – and then I looked up and my tube journey was over. 100% worth a listen.
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Thursday, 17 August 2017

IAAF World Championships

How amazing, shocking and fascinating was this year's world championships?! 

I've got to be honest, when it started I wasn't really sure how involved I was going to get. I absolutely love the Olympics and practically mourn it when it's over because it's just so amazing to watch, but it's partly the variety I like - how you can flick from gymnastics to boxing to horse riding and so on. I wasn't sure how much I'd enjoy just watching pure athletics, but as we had tickets to the Sunday night I decided to watch it from the beginning and so quickly I was totally addicted. 


Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Cornwall Family Time

I don’t know why it’s taken me over a month to write this post. I feel like part of the problem is this year is that I’ve just done so much, it’s almost impossible to keep up with myself. We have just gone from one trip/holiday/birthday/event to the next and I feel like I’ve barely had time to sit down and look at the photographs, let alone edit them and write a blogpost about it…

Which is actually why Cornwall was such a relief.


Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Why sponsored posts on blogs are not okay

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a long time. I know it’s controversial, and most of the time, I prefer not to get involved in the ‘business’ side of blogging. It’s a hobby, it’s something I started for fun (when I began blogging in 2013 I didn’t even realise people blogged as a business – I just wanted people to read, and enjoy, what I wrote). I suppose I felt that if people wanted to treat their blogs differently, that was kind of up to them and I just wouldn't get involved.

But yesterday I watched a Youtube video by a girl in her twenties, supposedly discussing ‘how to look luxury on a budget’. She's a blogger as well as a Youtuber, one I really like and have followed for a long time. The video was sponsored by Natwest and it encouraged students to open accounts with the bank. It triggered something in my memory, and I went on Twitter and looked it up. Only six months ago, the very same blogger had tweeted angrily that Natwest hadn’t refunded her for some money that had been taken fraudulently from her account. She strongly advised her followers to close their Natwest accounts.


Thursday, 13 July 2017

How I cured the eczema on my face and eyes

REALLY OBVIOUS DISCLAIMER: I’m not a doctor. If you didn’t know. I’m not qualified to deal with eczema, dermatitis, or skincare in any which way, except that I used to have really severe facial eczema, and now I don’t. As you will see, I did – and absolutely recommend that you do – seek medical advice with this condition first and foremost, so please don’t blame me if you, I don’t know, put coconut oil on your face and spontaneously combust, okay?

Second disclaimer: this is going to be quite a long, informative post – I want it to be that way, because this is what I would have wanted to read last year when I was going through hell and back with my eczema – but if you just want a quick round up of the products I recommend, with links, I’ll put that at the bottom so you can just scroll straight down. I hope that helps!

Third and final disclaimer: I don't have any photos at the moment because although I took some 'before' shots, annoyingly I can't find them. If and when I find them I'll add them here. 

Okay, so: here we go!


Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Canary Wharf Weekends

When I first moved to Canary Wharf (nearly four years ago now! Where does the time go?!) a lot of people would kind of give me a weird look when I told them where I lived. It’s the same response we still get now… ‘but isn’t it really dead at the weekends?’

Not only has it NEVER been dead at the weekends (but it is usually quiet enough that you can get a table! Good for those who have always been a bit old at heart – like yours truly!) the introduction of the cross rail and the new shops and restaurants that have come alongside that means there is literally SO much to do in Canary Wharf that you could never get bored of living there (to the disappointment of my mum who wants me to move back to my hometown today!) Recently we spent a whole sunny Saturday and I thought I’d run you through what we did…


Monday, 10 July 2017

Glastonbury 2017 – Worthy View

Around this time last year I wrote this post and in it I asked how people do Glastonbury, at least when they’re not 21 anymore and they can’t spend a weekend sleeping drunk in a puddle without spending an entire month in a spa to recover. And this year, HOORAY, I actually figured it out!

Last year’s Glasto was such a hard slog. I enjoyed it, don’t get me wrong, but I came home exhausted and covered in mud and just genuinely wondering if I was going to do it again. When my friends started the yearly group chat around who was going to get up early for tickets, I honestly considered saying I was out, and when we managed to get them (thanks to my extremely hungover husband, who then immediately slammed the laptop shut and went back to sleep for 3 hours!) I couldn’t tell if I was pleased or nervous. And THEN, one of my friends admitted he was kind of feeling the same way, and we came up with a secret plan to convince the others (who still think sleeping in the puddle is fun and ‘authentic’) that camping at Worthy View was a good idea.

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