Wednesday, 7 February 2018

For when you're having one of those days

This morning when my alarm went off I thought it was a mistake. Not, like, ‘oh, I’m tired, I probably should’ve stopped watching Peaky Blinders before 11pm.’ More like – oh dear, how did I set my alarm for 2am when it is clearly not time for any human to emerge from slumber? Perhaps my iPhone has malfunctioned; perhaps I rolled on it in the night (because I sometimes sleep with it under my pillow, which I know is not a healthy relationship to have with your phone; we are working through our co-dependency thank you).

But it wasn’t 2am, it was 7am. So I got up. And if this were a story being told to you by my Mum, she would tell you I got up on the wrong side of bed.


Monday, 5 February 2018

10 Weekly Favourites!

Okay people. It's alright. January is over. I know, I know it's been dragging on for so long that Wednesday felt like January 78th. I know we all have no money, we are sick of the gym, tired of not drinking, fed up with staying in. But we can come out of hibernation now! February may still be cold (it is England, after all - I mean, it's cold in August) but there's a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel. There's Valentine's Day, which is - if nothing else - an excuse to buy yourself chocolates and clothes with hearts on (I'm buying these tights as soon as I'm done writing this blogpost) and there's PANCAKE DAY, aka the tastiest day of the year. All those boring people doing Dry January (who I actually believe all failed at work drinks on the 12th but felt guilty and have pretended to carry on nonetheless, so now have no sense of achievement AND have been bored every weekend for four weeks) want to go for wine again. And finally, February is SHORT. Spring will soon be springing. I am HAPPY. Here are the other things that have been keeping me happy this week:


Tuesday, 30 January 2018

26 things all Instagram bloggers do


Said literally no one ever, as they happily like a photo of an ex-colleague's cat that they uploaded three entire days ago, like a weird stalker with no social skills.

I have such a love-hate relationship with Instagram. On the one hand, it's this lovely place filled with avocado on toast and nice outfits and hot chocolates with cream and girls who say 'Hair looks gorgeous, hun,' and on the other hand it's all weird bots following and unfollowing you and commenting senseless things on your photos, and Instagram refusing to show anyone a photo you edited for two hours, and people who clearly have veneers selling tooth whitening products.

Touching hair: check. Looking down: check. In sketch: check mate.

But we can't live without it, can we? And on that basis I decided to write down the 26 things that I think all Instagrammers do. Please do comment and let me know that I'm not alone/crazy - and let me know any I have missed!

Oh, the things we do for the gram...


Friday, 26 January 2018

10 Friday Favourites

It's my second week in a new job this week, which is - well, it's the week you actually start doing the work, isn't it? I don't want to jinx anything this early on (literally crossing my fingers/touching wood RN as I am so insanely superstitious) but I am really enjoying it so far! This weekend we are going to see the UK's Strongest Man competition with my husband's family which I am SO excited about - I know that might not sound like a very 'me' thing to do, but we watch the World's Strongest Man competition every Christmas and it's become a little tradition and I love it! Cannot wait to see Eddie 'The Beast' Hall in action.

Probably enough rambling so here are the things I have been doing/loving/lusting over this week...

Thursday, 25 January 2018

I am 30 and I don't know where to shop

 A few days ago I stood in front of my wardrobe, stared blankly at the clothes looking back to me, and uttered those famous words:

‘I have NOTHING to wear.’

The difference between this time and every other occasion on which I’ve uttered that phrase (usually two glasses of white wine deep on a Saturday night, red in the face with every dress I own screwed up in a ball on the floor behind me) was that for once, it was true. I have just started a new job and I literally cannot seem to find a single thing to wear.

This seems to be occurring more and more - I just don’t know where to shop anymore. I cannot find a shop on the high street that caters for a working girl of 30 (and by working girl I mean a girl with a job, not a prostitute, which would actually be much simpler).

Monday, 22 January 2018

10 things that annoy ALL London commuters

The tube. It's great, isn't it? People from other cities will tell you all the time about how lucky you are to have such a great public transport system ('You don't even need a car!' - actually, you'd quite like a car, but you can't afford to park one...but that's another story, ahem), and deep down you are quite proud to be a London commuter. But...well, it's awful, isn't it? It's really awful. 

And so on this delightful Monday morning, I have decided to round up the ten things that annoy me most about commuting in London. Please feel free to let me know any I have missed!

1. The people who think it's really fun
The tube being rammed? Doesn't really annoy me.
Obviously it isn't ideal but it's a bit like being annoyed by, say, night time. There is no point in being annoyed about it; it just is. 
The people who think it's absolutely fascinating that the tube is rammed? Who discuss it loudly to each other, debate on why it might be ('Is the district line down? Maybe there's a football game on nearby?') who discuss other options they will never take  ('We could walk to Holborn? We could get an Uber to Clapham Junction?') and who sometimes -  these people are the worst of all - take a photograph, reaching up into the air to take a photo of what is basically just your daily grind?
That annoys me.
Bank in the morning? Always busy. Chancery Lane at 5pm? Always busy. Oxford Circus at any time of the day? Busy. The Northern Line, anywhere, at all times, even the middle of the night? It's ALWAYS BUSY.
And look, I'm really glad for you that you don't know that. I'm glad that instead of spending your morning staring blankly at the back of a man's suit so close up you can see the individual fibres, you are having a lovely relaxing time doing something more worthwhile - eating a hearty breakfast, maybe -  doing some yoga, hugging a puppy.
But please, do not make a spectacle out of my mediocre, painful existence by exclaiming loudly that you COULD NEVER DO THIS EVERY DAY and then proposing you walk the rest of the way 'to get some air.' I thank you.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Sourced Box Review - How to snack healthily!

My name is Catherine and I am a snackaholic. 

There, I said it. I know it’s bad, but I honestly seem to snack more than I even eat meals. Having started a new job this week, I need to leave the house early – but I still somehow manage to snooze my alarm five times before I can finally work up the willpower to crawl out of my warm, cosy bed into the shower. Which sadly leaves me just enough time to grab something to eat on the train, rather than making myself the delicious eggs-and-avocado on toast I really feel I DESERVE to have for breakfast. Equally, lunchtimes can involves calls and meetings and so while I’d like to tell you I always take the time to eat something filling, I often just grab a salad at Pret – leaving me starving (I mean, not literally, after Christmas trust me when I say my body has some stores it could happily work through) and reaching for the biscuit tin. 

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