Tuesday, 30 April 2013

25 Facts About Me!

As I’m new to the blogging world, I thought I’d do a little post to introduce myself…


1.  I am completely addicted to diet coke even though I know it’s bad for me, and no matter how many times I try, I can’t give it up. The only other thing I like as much is Red Bull and that’s even worse. It’s my only vice (ha)

2.  When I was four I went to Disneyland Paris and cried because Winnie-The-Pooh wasn’t there. My mum wrote to them and told them about it, and they sent me a Winnie-The-Pooh teddy bear – see, not such an evil corporation after all!

3.  I’m double jointed and can twist my limbs into quite bizarre positions. But I try not to because I’ve dislocated my knee three times, and it really hurts!

4.  Music gives me endless happiness, and I wish I could live at a festival, particularly Green Man in Wales, because it’s pretty and people don’t set your tent on fire, and the music is all folky and at heart I’m an old man living in a cave with only rabbits for friends.

5.  I met my boyfriend at university but it took me 3 years to persuade him he loved me back, and sometimes I still can’t believe it worked.

6.  I have a baby blue Vauxhall Corsa, and I call her Doreen because she drives like a little old lady. I love her, but I am a terrible driver and have been in about 100 minor bumps, including very narrowly missing a deer thing at a safari park (oh deer).

7.  I want to go to California more than anywhere else in the world. My boyfriend lived in San Diego for a year and one day hopefully we both want to go live there for a while…I think it’s my spiritual home.

8.  One of my favourite things in the world is getting in the shower after being outside all day in the sun and feeling your skin sting.

9.  I buy loads of hats, but never wear them. I just like the idea of them I think!

10.My favourite place in England is Polzeath beach in Cornwall. We used to go there a lot as children, and my dad went there too when he was a child, and I don’t think you can ever be sad there.

11.I love giraffes. I think I have a natural affinity with them because I’m so clumsy.

12.I will happily travel miles out of my way to visit the only 3 Chipotles in the UK because I love their burritos so much. If I could eat Mexican food at every meal, I probably would.

13.I like playing Super Nintendo games on the old SNES console, particularly Donkey Kong and A Legend Of Zelda, way more than I like my shiny new Playstation.

14.I used to be in a band with my best friend Lili called ‘Eastern Promise’, which at the time we didn’t realise sounded like a dodgy massage parlour. We performed Abba’s ‘Mamma Mia’ at my school talent contest, but oddly we didn’t win…

15. My greatest achievement in life is being in the front row for Prodigy and the Arctic Monkeys at Reading festival 2009. I had bruises shaped like the barrier on my rib cage for weeks.

16.I have no words for how much I hate baked beans and celery, and I think I would rather eat poo than eat them…if I could live on ice cream sundaes, I would.

17.I’m scared of all dogs, except really little ones, and even then if they ran at me barking I’d scream and run away like a child.

18.I can play most Guitar Hero songs on Expert, but cannot master my real guitar so it just sits in the corner of my room, looking cool.

19.Sometimes when I’m drunk I think I’m a philosopher and I start talking about the meaning of life – my friends have mostly got used to it now and just tell me to shut up or start talking about something else until I stop.

20.I don’t really watch television (X Factor is my nemesis) and I very rarely have the patience to sit through a whole film. But I am obsessed with reading. I think being a nerd is cool.

21.Given the choice, I would drink champagne or even Prosecco every time I went out – it’s like drinking stars…

22.Sometimes when all my family and friends are gathered together at a birthday or a wedding or something, I stop in the doorway to look at them all and think about how lucky I am. And then I think about how slushy I’m being and I try to snap out of it.

23.I started dying my hair blonde when I was sixteen and I kept it up until I turned 23 and realised it looked stupid because my hair is dark brown. Since I stopped killing it with bleach it’s grown about six inches.

24.If I could have any job in the world I would want to go abroad and write about the conditions people in war-famished countries are living in to try and help them. Somebody once told me this was a ‘Miss World’ answer, but it’s still my answer.

25.I love photographs. I think they capture little pieces of time :) 

Hope you enjoyed this little snapshot into my world – anyone feeling a natural affinity with me now?!


  1. I'm glad I found your blog :) I just spent the past twenty minutes reading your posts and feeling rather creepy. It's an interesting read!


    1. Hahah I know what you mean, sometimes I feel a bit like that when I read through someone's blog - but I'm just really pleased you like it!
      Your blog is really nice, I followed back :)(Also I have always wished I could swap my boring English accent for an American one!)xx

  2. Cute blog! :)

    Kelouise xo


  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog! :)
    Of course I'd love to follow each other via GFC & Bloglovin'! :)

    Kelouise xo


  4. I subscribed to you blog based entirely on this post =) or at least without really reading your other posts (yet!) I feel like we have so much in common! And I'm so glad some else in the UK appreciates chipotle cause I honestly don't know if I'd survive without it, here in Chicago I have one 5 min from my house. Mexican food is my favorite in the whole world, I even bought my fiance a Mexican cookbook for his birthday so he can learn to cook it for me, cause I'm to lazy to do it myself :p

    1. Thank you, that's such a lovely comment! Ohhh wow that's such a good idea - the only problem is my boyfriend thinks food is only good if it's so spicy that it basically takes the roof of your mouth off! Living with 5 minutes of a Chipotle is basically my dream, haha xxx

  5. Thanks for following me, I'm following you on GFC and bloglovin.
    Love your blog!
    ..and wow that you can play loads of songs on expert on guitar hero :p

    1. Haha, I don't know if it's cool or if it just means I have too much time on my hands!

      Thanks so much for following! xoxo

  6. I love Winnie-The-Pooh!

    1. Yesss best little bear in the world! xx

  7. I love this! I went to disneyland paris in 2009 and I got totally disney'd out and bought ears,a hoodie, pyjama pants, a t-shirt and disney converse and put them all on straight away! I've grown out of everything i bought and im so depressed :(

    your newest follower,
    Alex xx

    1. Awww! Oh my god Disney converse, that's incredible! I always wish they'd make the Disney character outfits for adults so I could dress like Tinkerbell....OK but probably best not!

      Followed you back :) xoxo

  8. Great post :)
    Love your blog.



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