Thursday, 30 May 2013

Lunchtime Max Factor Make Up Haul!

Does anyone else do this – just pop out at lunchtime for a walk…then stop off at Boots, maybe to pick up a diet coke or a sandwich…and come out 10 minutes later £25 lighter with a bag full of make up?! Or is it just me?!

max factor make up lipfinity lipstick mascara

Either way, I was innocently browsing the make up stands yesterday when I saw that Max Factor were offering a free gift box if you spent over £15 on their products. I’m usually a little bit dubious about these free gift offers – I find some companies give away odd colours, or products they don’t actually offer in their line because they’re a bit rubbish, or really small samples that only last two uses! However, one of the boxes was actually open and I was quite impressed by Max Factor’s offering, so I thought I'd go ahead and pick up a few things...

max factor lipfinity spicy lipstick

I’d received a Lipfinity lipstick for my birthday and I’ve really been enjoying using it, but found the colour a bit dark for daywear and quite fancied getting a more natural colour. It seemed like the perfect time to do this, so I picked up this gorgeous dusky rose colour, 0070 ‘Spicy.’
max factor nail polish make up

I was then drawn to the little bottles of nail varnish and completely fell for this effervescent pale pink colour, 05 ‘Sunny Pink.’ This had already taken me over the £15 mark so I could’ve stopped there, but I saw that they had a crème blush in a colour I didn’t already have, 09 'Soft Murano'. I love these blushes – they’re really creamy and pigmented, you can actually use them as a lip colour if you get desperate and they’re so little and convenient, so I grabbed one of those as well.

max factor make up

This more than qualified me to get the free gift box, attractively emblazoned with Gwyneth Paltrow’s face, which contained a gorgeous coral nail polish, a mini Max Factor mascara, a lovely champagne coloured eye shadow and a striking coral lip pencil. None of these are things I would’ve necessarily tried if they hadn’t been in the box, but for me that’s half the fun!

What do you think of Max Factor? Have you tried any of these products before?


  1. Love the colour elixir from Max Factor, I think i'll maybe try it.

  2. I do that all the time :P

    I'm quite impressed with how many things you can buy for $25! Max Factor is so overpriced here in Australia that you'd be lucky to get one or two things.

    Erin ☂

  3. I got one of these little boxes too - the mascara is great!! Love that lip pencil colour!

    Ramblings Of Hannah


  4. Great colors is been a while since I purchase max factor need to look into it after reading your post thanks.

  5. Wow great haul.
    I always spend when I'm being quick.

  6. all the makeup makes me excited :D hope you do some review :)

  7. Nice haul! I really want to try these cream blushes... like a need another blush, hehe but I read great reviews about them.
    The lip crayon looks like a fab colour too. x

    I Am A Weapon Of Massive Consumption

  8. I've never really tried much from Max Factor before, I'm not really sure why! I'm going to have a closer look the next time I'm in Boots though, the cream blushes look lovely!

    Jennie xo |

  9. Please review the lip crayon :) I have been wanting to try it for ages

    Amina ∞ Oh Just One More


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