Thursday, 20 June 2013

A little bit of chick lit loving...

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OK, I'm not normally a massive fan of chic lit (chick? Like a baby chick? Or chic, as in 'she's so chic'? I can't decide...) but over the last week my job has been incredibly busy and stressful, and on my way home I've just wanted to dive into another world - a frothier, easier world, where true love always finds its way and everything has a happy ending!

In case any of you were feeling the same, I thought I'd share my top 3 chick lit books, great to chuck in your suitcase for a summer read!

1. Sophie Kinsella - I've Got Your Number

chick lit chick lit chick lit

This is the book I've just finished reading, and I really enjoyed it. Author of the 'Shopaholic' series (which is absolutely fantastic - read that too, if you haven't already), Sophie Kinsella's writing is bubbly and funny to the point where it genuinely made me laugh out loud on several occasions! I've Got Your Number concerns Poppy, a physiotherapist who loses her engagement ring and consequently becomes embroiled in a series of turbulent events. It's genuinely well written, absorbing and full of clever little plot twists - I for one had no idea what was going to happen. Poppy is likable and you can relate to her as a real person - not like some of the beautiful, unrealistic heroines in other novels I've read! Pick it up now, you won't regret it!

2. Long Time Coming - Edie Clare

chick lit chick lit chick lit

My mum actually suggested this to me, and as it was free to download onto my Kindle (have a look - it may well still be!) I agreed to give it a go, not really expecting much. Since then, I've downloaded several more Edie Clare books to read - I loved it! Joy has moved back to the town where she lived as a child, and hasn't returned to since her childhood best friend, Jenny, was killed in a car crash. This book entwines mystery and even an element of the supernatural, which makes it sound like it would be far fetched rubbish, but it's actually a complete page turner and I'm definitely looking forward to reading more of Edie Clare's books. 

3. I Don't Know How She Does It - Allison Pearson

chick lit chick lit chick lit

This is now more famous as the film starring Sarah Jessica Parker, which I haven't seen so can't comment on - but the book is definitely worth a read. I wasn't overwhelmed by the concept - a working woman with children and her struggles in life? How un-fun. But it's the complete opposite - it's a whirlwind book that constantly changes direction, and you won't be able to put it down until you know how it ends (unless, I guess, seen the film and already know!) 

Has anyone read any of these books? What are your top 3 chick lit suggestions? 



  1. Thank you for the recommendation on the books will like to read long time coming. I saw the movie it was not bad Sarah is a great actress but I bet the book was better.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I love Sophie Kinsella's books too and I'll check out the third book you're recommending!


  3. Have made a note of your suggestions to check out when I've finished my current book. Thanks for sharing!

    Becky xx

  4. Sometimes you just can't beat a bit of chick-lit for an easy read. I love Sophie Kinsella's book though, she has published some of my favourites.

    Check out Adele Parks, still chick-lit but the stories have a bit more depth - by far my favourite author!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  5. All these sound fun to read by the pool side!!! Thanks for recommending them!!

  6. So interesting reading book reviews, I love a good book (when I'm not lusting over make-up haha) xx

    Olivia -

  7. oooh, i've bought i've got your number for my holiday read! Love sophie kinsella, the shopaholic books are amazing! xo

  8. Gorgeous post!!!
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  9. I love Sophie kinsella books! I could read them all day! Xx


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