Friday, 19 July 2013

Turkey – Sun, Sea…and A&E!

I have been known to suffer from the festival blues. I’d come home, refusing to cut off my ribbon wristbands, and sit at work sulking all week, staring out of the window dreaming of muddy fields and messy hair and cider and freedom. Not this year, I decided. This year I would avert the end of festival blues by planning a holiday to start immediately afterwards. The first proper holiday my boyfriend and I have ever been on, due to work commitments over the last two years, and I wanted it to be special. We decided to head to Alanya, in Turkey, for six days of recovery under the sun. I didn’t want to do anything except lie by the pool or on a beach with a cool drink in my hand. Perfection. A few celebratory drinks at the airport, and we were off!

Alanya is a little harbour which curves around the Turkish south coast, on the Mediterranean sea, with a castle at the top and a little strip running downwards, speckled with pretty restaurants and the usual assortment of touristy shops and bars with neon lights. Our hotel was about as close to the beach as I think it’s possible to be! Here's a look at the view from our balcony...

I’ve always been a sea baby and I couldn’t wait to dive into the waves. Our hotel was basic, but spotlessly clean and the staff were friendly. The days began to run into one as we spent them happily together, lazing under the baking sun.

About the most adventurous thing we did was play mini golf. Look at my boyfriend making a howler of a shot…!

I look much more professional don't you think? 

Yet somehow he still won!

We recovered in hammocks, gratefully recovering in the shade.

It wasn’t the sort of place where you had to get wildly dressed up for dinner, so in the evening I would grab a floaty summer dress, my boyfriend would put on a shirt and we’d head out.

The cove was beautiful at night, with the sun setting over the sea and the lights from the harbour flickering across the bay. We ate sea food and Turkish meats and cheeses under soft lights.

We did go to the bars once, but as you can tell we weren’t massively keen!

As cheesy as it sounds, I preferred just to sit on the beach at night and talk happily with the person I love.

On our last night we headed to the harbour for a special dinner. Calamari, mixed grills, haloumi cheese and pasta were shared, along with big glasses of wine, before we headed happily back to the hotel, planning to fly back the next day.

Then, at the last minute – disaster struck. Ian woke me in the night to say he wasn’t feeling very well, and the next thing I knew he was being sick. I told myself it was just food poisoning, and tried not to worry, but several hours later I knew something was very wrong. Ian was still being severely sick and couldn’t seem to speak to me. When he managed to stammer out that he was having trouble breathing, I ran to the reception and tearfully begged them to call a doctor. They took him straight to the hospital. I sat in the ambulance, terrified. Nobody spoke English so I couldn’t find out what was wrong. When we arrived they rushed him straight in to see a doctor. I absolutely cannot fault the Turkish medical system – they were amazing. We didn’t have our travel insurance certificates on us, but they let me sort everything out over the phone. We were given our own spotlessly clean room, with en suite and a sofa bed that I was able to stay with him on.

It transpired that Ian was suffering from severe gastroenteritis and dehydration, potentially caused by food poisoning. I followed him into illness, although never as severe, a day later. We were forced to delay our flights home by two days and finally arrived back to England on Tuesday, upon which I wanted to kiss the ground!

One lesson  this has taught me is to always make sure you have good travel insurance. Luckily my boyfriend had decent insurance through his work, and they were absolutely fantastic – they rearranged our flights and paid the medical bills with no problem at all. I absolutely dread to think what kind of a mess we’d be in if we hadn’t had insurance – I’ve always seen it as a bit of an annoying cost before, but it’s so worth it! We're both fully recovered now and happy to be home.

That explains therefore why I’ve been away for so much longer than planned, but now I’m back and have some great posts planned for the coming weeks! I hope you’re all well and enjoying the sunshine!


  1. Miniature golf its so much fun you and your honey make a cute couple.

  2. Sounds like lovely holiday until the drama! Hope you're both feeling better now! xo

    1. It really was! I'm just glad it happened on the last day because at least we got a proper holiday. We're both feeling okay, a bit delicate but hey - at least I might lose a few holiday pounds ;) xoxo

  3. Hope the both of you are doing well! Thank you for sharing, looks like you had a stunning holiday nonetheless. Couldn't imagine how scary it was seeing him like that.

    1. Thank you! It was so horrible and scary but in a way it's made us closer because it makes me realise how much I appreciate him! xoxo

  4. Looks like a beautiful vacation. So scary that it had to end that way! It must have been terrifying not knowing what was wrong in a country where you can't speak the language! Ekk! I'm glad you are both OK and safely home!

    Kallie, But First Coffee Blog OR But First Coffee on Bloglovin

    1. It really was, I've never been so glad to be back on English soil! But we still had a lovely time before that :) xxx

  5. Aw I really hope your both ok Cate! Looks like you had a perfect time until then anyway at least :) x


  6. Gosh I'm glad he was ok! I remember when my (now ex) boyfriend got really ill on holiday - it is extra extra scary when you're in another country!

    Hope you had a lovely holiday though despite it :)

    Cocktails and Caroline

  7. looks such a great holiday! i need one too. hope youre both ok :)

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'

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  8. The pictures are so beautiful!
    Lovely blog!!! Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin' ? xoxo

  9. OMG! I got scared when I read all this and saw your boyfriends picture.. I'm glad he is fine now. I'd go completely desperate if something happens with my boy.. I rememer one night he woke up caughing like he couldn't breathe and I almost have a heart attack haha.. (drama queen)

    anyway, lol.. I'm so glad everything is okay now. It's always better to pay a little bit extra for insurance just in case something happens, you never know!


    Hola Flo | Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  10. had to say i like your blog name :)

  11. Looks like a great holiday (apart from the illness :( ) Me and my boyfriend went to Turkey last summer and the same thing happened to him, it was really scary! Glad you are both ok though and still managed to have a great time :) xx

    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf


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