Thursday, 22 August 2013

Cornwall Pt 3: Rick Stein and Cherry Trees Coffee House

After our long day of surfing and splashing - see here - I wanted something good to eat! Being close to Padstow, my boyfriend and I decided we just had to try out a Rick Stein restaurant. He's not a big seafood fan, so after a bit of careful research we picked Rick Stein's Cafe. It's the more relaxed of his restaurants, tucked down a little side street. We pulled into the harbour and as ever I was impressed by how beautiful it is.

When you enter the cafe it's a bit like walking into someone's front room - gorgeous, cosy sofas with big cushions and pretty wooden tables. The place was completely full so we were glad we'd booked - I would recommend you do the same, if you want to go! We got a little corner table, complete with candle and flowers, and ordered drinks and bread.

Although Ian might not be a fish eater, I am, so I had salt and pepper king prawns to start. Succulent and absolutely perfectly flavored, with a complimentary side salad that actually had some substance to it - not just a tired bit of lettuce shoved there for no reason, as is so often the case. Ian had tomato soup, which looked like tomato soup so I saw no need to photograph it - but he did describe it as 'the best soup he'd ever eaten!'

I picked a special for my main, deep fried sea bass - with a side of chips to stop it being too healthy, obviously! It came with it's head and tail on...

And I couldn't help being a bit of a child!

Ignoring that though, the fish was lovely and tender and so filling that actually I couldn't finish my chips.

We split a dessert of sticky toffee pudding and ice cream. It came absolutely drowning in the best toffee sauce I've ever had. The cake itself was okay, but that sauce was just heavenly - I could've eaten a bucket of it! We headed home, happy and full,  but not quite having had our fill of all Padstow had to offer.

The next day, we headed back to see it in the light of an unfortunately very rainy day! It still looked beautiful...

As did I, in my stylish bad weather attire!

Padstow is the perfect place for a wander, whatever the weather. In the sunshine you can eat ice creams whilst sitting on the harbour, watching the gulls fly and the boats come and go, before catching a ferry over to Rock, just to come back again. In the rain you can eat hot pasties that warm your insides, go in and out of shops full of all sorts of pretty trinkets (I challenge you not to buy something), and come home with pockets full of fudge. 

After we'd made several trips back to the car with new-flat purchases, Ian and I were somehow hungry again. With no idea where to go, I looked up 'Padstow restaurants' on TripAdvisor. The number one rated one was a cafe which we happened to be standing right opposite - the Cherry Trees Coffee House.

A cafe? The best restaurant in Padstow? We were dubious, but as it was right there and did look pretty cute, we trotted over - and I am so glad I did. It is the perfect combination of American 1950s diner and English traditional tea house. We ordered milkshakes...and look what turned up. 

The milkshakes of our dreams! Someone looks pretty happy with his...

I had a pulled pork sandwich and can honestly say it was one of the best sandwiches I've ever eaten - second only to Ian's panini!

I would 100% recommend a visit if you're in the area - we'll definitely be returning. 

The rain kept coming down, so we went over to Newquay Zoo for a wander. They have some really unusual animals there, and you can get alarmingly close!

We watched, and fed penguins...

And finally wandered back, cold, with wet feet, but happy.

The next day the sun shone again and we headed back to the beach.

We did a little more surfing before having one last pasty and chips, sat on a bench overlooking Newquay, and then it was back into the car to start the long journey home. I really do miss Cornwall already. It's a place I feel really deeply connected to and I know we'll be back soon.

This is the last of the Cornwall posts, so if you're getting a bit bored, I'll be back to normal tomorrow!


  1. That sandwich looks amazing!

  2. The food delicious.

  3. That milkshake is amazing! x

  4. This makes me want to go to Cornwall. So much!

  5. Cornwall looks beautiful and it looks like you had a great time over there :-). x

  6. That looks like a great day with tasty food!!

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  7. All of the food looks amazing, I'm so jealous!

    Hmm maybe...

  8. I've never been to Cornwall but I'm dying to go now. I'm a bit of a girl when it comes to fish and although your dinner sounded amazing I'd never have been able to deal with having to peel the prawns and having the seabass watch me eat it! So very well done. x

    PS I mentioned you in this post -


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