Friday, 9 August 2013

Restaurants and Room Service

As I mentioned here, I’m living in a London hotel for the next three weeks (well – almost two weeks now, I suppose!) and I’m really enjoying it. It’s great finally living with my boyfriend, as we’ve been long distance for over a year now, and I love being in central London again – close to work and just a stone’s throw away from so many of my favourite places. I'm smiling a lot these days. 

The one issue living in a hotel does throw up, of course, is that you don’t have a kitchen! I do miss cooking, but on the other hand I’ve been taking advantage of the treats this problem allows me to indulge in…

restaurant hotel russell

The hotel restaurant itself is gorgeous. Like the rest of the hotel, it’s all high ceilings and dark woods, with little tables dotted about romantically lit by the huge chandeliers above. My boyfriend and I have enjoyed several meals now chatting cosily over pretty table decorations.

hotel russell table decorations

My favourite treat so far has been this delicious Eton Mess we shared between us. I kind of wanted one to myself, but when we received the entire bowl of frothy cream and crunchy meringue, I was glad I hadn’t – half was enough of a treat!

eton mess hotel russell

Even early mornings have become a treat as we race down to hotel breakfast. Fry ups, pastries, fresh juices and fruits – I’ve actually had to avoid the restaurant a few mornings for the sake of my stomach!

danish pastry hotel russell

After a long day at work, however, I don’t always want to get dressed up and go out. A couple of nights this week it’s been raining, I’ve got back late and feel tired like I just want to have a bath, get into my pyjamas and eat in front of the TV. On nights like this, room service is a saviour. 

I have to admit I’ve never actually ordered room service in my life before! Whenever I’m on holiday, I’m ALWAYS in the mood to go down to the restaurant, and ordering food to your room just seems to fall somewhere between decadent and lazy. I have to admit, though, I wasn’t complaining when the trays of food turned up.

Omelette and chips for me...

Sausage and mash (complete, oddly, with onion rings – which I stole) for my boyfriend. 

I love the little touches, like the little pots of sauce! It was really good fun, and I’d definitely recommend doing this with someone on a random hotel night if you don’t feel like going out!  

If you were thinking 'wow, this post is really just an excuse to post photographs of food', then you'd be right. And in honor of that, apropos of nothing here is a photograph of a beautiful Waitrose cake a work colleague brought in this week, which I spent all day trying to avoid.

I think I better get back to the gym...


  1. oh goodness! all of the food looks amazing! That last cake looks delicious! xo

    1. Basically impossible to resist! xoxo

  2. I ordered room service was glorious! No judgement - all food that looks that good is entitled to a picture without a doubt!

  3. Eaton mess is my favourite! It looks amazing here :) x

  4. The hotel and food looks amazing!
    I NEED to visit London again soon!! xx

    Rachael |

  5. nice post!
    thanks for visiting

  6. The food!!! Oh my goodness I need those in my life!!

  7. The food looks great! And I can relate to the "finally living with my boyfriend" part, my boyfriend and I have been long distance twice as we've both been abroad when studying; it sounds like you're having a great time :)



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