Friday, 27 September 2013

My Nailcare Routine

I naturally have really horrible nails. They’re short, they flake, and they never seem to grow past a certain length without breaking! I was always told this was because I bit my nails as a child, but a friend of mine who bit her nails right down to the quick until a year or so ago suddenly decided to stop and now has nails that a hand model would be proud of. Resisting the urge to cry ‘it’s not fair!’ and go get a set of acrylics, I have instead found a nail care routine which I feel has genuinely improved the state of my nails. A couple of people have complimented then on my blog in the past, so I thought I’d let you in on some of my secret products which might help if you, too, have nightmare nails!

1. Elegant Touch ‘Get Em Off’ Artificial Nail Remover – to remove any existing nail polish, I always use this. I know strictly it’s for taking off acrylic nails, but it removes even the toughest nail polish in a flash. Obviously it isn’t great for your nails, so I always wash it off quickly, but I can’t bear to use normal nail polish remover anymore!
2. Mavalan Nailactan Nutritive Nail Cream for Damaged Nails – this in my opinion is an absolute miracle product! The lovely people at Mavalan sent this to me to try out. I apply it every day and it works as a cuticle cream as well as to keep  my nails moisturised, which keeps them from being brittle and flakey – especially important as it gets colder. I really feel like using this for a short time dramatically improves the state of my nails.
3. Champneys Spa Treatment Hand & Nail Cream – This is my absolute favourite hand cream at the moment. It has a kind of citrusy-vanilla scent, a luxurious creamy consistency, and this is the third time I’ve repurchased it -  so I guess that’s a pretty good seal of approval!
4. Mavala Scientifique Nail Hardener – again I was sent this, but this is the best nail hardener I’ve found. You use it about once a week and it just makes your nails tougher and more resistant. I think the Mavala products are lovely and such good value for money – I would really recommend you check them out!

5. I’m going to do a favourite Autumn nail polish soon, but just for a taster, this is the colour I painted my nails today – Models Own ‘Bronze Rage’. It’s a perfect true bronze and reminds me of Autumn leaves and also shiny chocolate bar wrappers! 

What do you think? 


  1. I'm so glad you mention Mavala - it's a classic nail care brand but it's never really mentioned very often. I like it so thanks for that :o). Xx

  2. You take such good care of your nails, I got a fungus or something from getting acrylic nails so now I really need to take care of my nails :(
    But lol great post!

    Roses are bluee ♡

  3. love this nail polish! - perfect for autumn! x

  4. Thanks for posting this!
    xoxo Zoe

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  6. Nice post! Love the nail colour :)

    xo Melane
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