Tuesday, 24 September 2013

New Living Room Accessories

As you all know, because I’ve mentioned it roughly 1000 times, I’ve just moved into my gorgeous new flat. I’m living with my boyfriend, and for the first time I really feel like I have a living room that I can decorate in my own way. With my boyfriend’s only demand being somewhere to put his huge Aston Villa picture (currently propped up behind the sofa, and I’m hoping he doesn’t notice) I’ve been free to indulge in candles and home accessories to my heart’s content, and thought I’d show you a couple of bits and pieces. If you like this sort of post let me know and I’ll do some more for the other rooms of my flat!

My boyfriend teases me that this is a bit cheesy, but this big wooden free standing sign from Next homeware just summed up exactly what I wanted our flat to be – a little sanctuary where we could be happy together. I’ve just put some little vanilla gel candles on either side of it, so I can illuminate it in the evenings too!

This is also from Next – are you noticing a bit of a theme? I really do love their homeware section, and I picked up this triple vase stand. I love how you could just swap the flowers for different colours, or even for something else like little hearts or stars, depending on your mood.

Owl Beeswax Candle

My mum picked up this cute little guy from a recent trip to York. It’s made from pure beeswax, giving it an intense flavour which I personally love – it reminds me of visits to the bee centre in Porteath when I was a child (has anyone else been there?) My mum wants me to promise to burn this to make use of it, but I just don’t know if I can bear too because he’s so cute!


I really think having plants in a house makes it feel more alive, but as much as I’d love some pot plants, I’m just too scared of forgetting to water them! Instead, my boyfriend and I chose this cactus together at the Eden Project when we visited Cornwall in August. It only needs watering about once a fortnight and it just brings a little of the outdoors into our flat.

Heart Lantern

I was looking for a wooden lantern for ages, and thought I wanted one in white, but just couldn’t find one I particularly liked. We saw this in a shop in Newquay and I just fell in love with it instantly. I really like finding little one off pieces in independent shops, particularly on holiday, so that everything I have has a memory behind it. Now I just want to find a nice candle to go inside this!

Now, you might be thinking – why has she just put in this rather plain and dull looking candle amongst all these pretty things? But I’ve decided to let you in on my little secret. These candles – which are currently half price at £2 in Tesco – smell absolutely amazing. They smell like Autumn, or Christmas, I can’t decide, and because they’re made to be an air freshener, the smell really does scent the air. I buy these every year (towards Christmas, they do sometimes bring them out in glitzy packaging, which is nice too) and everyone always asks how I make my room smell so nice...well...now you know!

Hope you're all enjoying Autumn so far and get some inspiration from these little pieces! 


  1. Booo Aston Villa
    I love Next homeware, they have such gorgeous things :)
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  2. My boyfriend is a huge Aston Villa fan too (luckily his only merchandise seems to be a scarf though!) Love scented candles, might have to check out those ones in tesco!


  3. Some great pieces! Love the first sign!


  4. These are all so pretty! Love the triple vase :) x


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  5. Some lovely bits and pieces! Next Homeware is great. If you saw our flat you would think it was a Next showroom!

    Ellen x | Being Ellen Stacey

  6. Hi, I am another Next Homeware lover :)! Most of our furniture/home accessories are from there. Love that Airwick candle too, I'm burning a Yankee Candle a Cider Apple but I can't seem to find that one anymore :(. It reminds me if Autumn.


  7. Next have gorgeous homeware, don't they? I could go mad in their. Lovely pieces :) xx

    D Is For...

  8. Everything is so cute! I really adore the triple vases as well!

  9. I love this post! All of your little bits and bobs are so darling! I would love to see more posts like this, for sure :) xo

  10. I love this post! All of your little bits and bobs are so darling! I would love to see more posts like this, for sure :) xo

  11. I love all of these! Great that your boyfriend is so relaxed about the decorating :-) Lucky you!


  12. Love all of these! We had a big splurge too when we moved in together :)

    Hmm maybe...

  13. Aww I love the happy place sign! It's not at all cheesy, your boyfriend has no idea what he's saying =) xx

    Squares - Bookworm and Beauty Enthusiast


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