Monday, 9 September 2013

The Pearson Room, Canary Wharf

I never win raffles. When I was little, our school would have summer fetes and Christmas bazaars, and there would always be a big raffle. My sister and I would beg 50p from my Mum to buy tickets, but whilst she always won something - one year winning BOTH the big teddy bears - I never did, and eventually I got a bit disheartened and stopped entering. However, this year, I attended a charity event and, wanting to support the charity, bought a ticket for the raffle. With very little hope - especially as some people had bought lots of tickets - I half listened to the results - and was amazed to discover I'd won first prize!

First prize in this instance happened to be a £100 voucher for a new venue in Canary Wharf, The Pearson Room restaurant and cocktail bar. Obviously being a massive fan of eating out, I was suitably excited and on Friday night my boyfriend and I got dressed up and headed over. The restaurant is on the second floor of the Canary Wharf mall with great views of the city. 

We ordered, and received some complimentary bread and oil before receiving our starters.

Pearson Room Canary Wharf review

Huevos Rojos for me (a Mexican dish featuring potato, chorizo and a fried egg!) 

Pearson Room Canary Wharf Review

Adobo chicken wings with chilli for him.

Both starters were really good. My chorizo in particular was perfectly cooked. 

For our main, we decided to push the boat out and order the cote de boeuf steak. 300 oz of rare steak, served with roasted cherry tomatoes and cassava chips. No vegetarians at this table. 

Pearson Room Canary Wharf Review

I cannot actually fault this steak - it was cooked exactly to my liking, there was fat but not too much, the tomatos were gorgeous and the chips were somewhere between roast potatoes and chips. It was really, really good. 

Pearson Room Canary Wharf Review

And yet despite that, I cannot recommend the Pearson Room. It's a beautiful venue - the decor reminds me somewhat of a private member's club - but there's a bar at one end, and even though they sat us at the other side of the restaurant, it was still pretty loud. I wouldn't expect noise interference at a restaurant of this sort. 

Much worse, however, was the service. One waiter was perfectly pleasant - friendly and informative - but the other was surly and rude. When he gave us the bread he practically threw our plates onto the table; he made a face at my pronunciation of the wine; he placed the wine bottle out of reach but then never came round to refill my wine glass. I wasn't paying (and maybe that's why he was so dismissive?) but if I had been, for a £60 a head meal I would have been really disappointed. So my overall verdict - lovely food, but unless you've got a voucher or you don't care about shoddy service, probably give this one a miss! 


  1. Ooh good post. At £60 a head I'm shocked at that kind of response. Even if you had won a voucher who's to say you wouldn't be back.

    Your like me as well, steak has to be rare. Nom :)

    Fluffy Candy

  2. That's a shame, it really does spoil an evening when you feel uncomfortable because of the staff.

    Hmm maybe...


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