Thursday, 3 October 2013

Domestic bliss, a dinner party and home made croissants

I think I'm getting old. A few years ago, if you'd have told me I'd spend a Saturday evening having my friends round for dinner I would have yawned. Saturday nights were all about getting dressed up and going out - if I was in before 2am, I'd be disappointed! These days though I just feel very settled, and on Saturday instead of spending the afternoon getting my outfit ready, I spent it slicing cucumbers and grating cheese!

Annoyingly, I didn't take many photographs of my creations, but I did manage to capture my ready and waiting table with starters - nachos and cheese with dips, alongside a baked Camembert with cucumber and cheese straws. 

My theme was Mexican, mostly because my Mum bought me this absolutely beautiful Mexican dip tray as a housewarming present. It's ceramic and shiny and I just absolutely couldn't wait to use it!

We laughed, ate, drunk wine and played Articulate. As I've grown up I've realised it doesn't matter where you go - it matters who you're with - and when I'm with my good friends, I don't always need a fancy bar or a posh restaurant to have a good time (which isn't to say they're not nice sometimes!)

You might have thought that might be enough cooking for me, but oh no. The next morning I woke up, delightfully hangover free, and decided to cook some croissants. When I say cook...I mean roll the dough out of a tin onto my baking tray.

For accompaniments I wrapped two around milk chocolate, and served the traditional jam and butter...alongside the not quite so traditional streaky bacon. I know...but seriously, if you've never tried bacon with croissants, just trust me. It's a revelation. 

My boyfriend and I happily ate away as we watched the finale of Season 2 of Game Of Thrones. It's so good! I can't wait to watch Season 3 - he needs to hurry up and read on!

So there we have it - how to enjoy a weekend of domestic bliss (or - how I'm getting old!) 


  1. Aaaaah, that baked camembert looks amazing - how indulgent! Hope you had a great time :o). Xx

  2. Looks like it was good fun!

    I know what you mean, we're having friends stay next weekend, and I'm more looking forward to the evening that I'm cooking, and staying in!

    Hmm maybe...

  3. Mmmm Mexican food always goes down well!

  4. Looks beautiful!! Love a good dinner party ;)

  5. What a lovely evening (and morning!) :) xx

  6. It all looks delicious! Especially the cheese - my favourite. Can I come round for dinner? Haha :)

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

  7. I'm the same as you! Dinner parties over drunken nights out any day of the week! Also, Articulate is my favourite game, especially for nights like this! So much fun =D xx

    Sarah | Squares - Bookworm and Beauty Enthusiast

  8. Hey, I've tagged you for an award over on my blog if you want to take a look?

    abi x


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