Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween Favourites

Happy Halloween! I feel like this ancient festival traditionally used to celebrate the dead has somewhat passed the UK by until recent years, but I’ve always loved any excuse for a celebration. My love for Halloween was born when I was about 10 – my parents had never been a fan of trick or treating, but that Halloween we stayed with some friends and they took us out. I dressed as a witch and thought it was the most fun ever. We didn’t do any tricking, but coming home with a plastic bucket full of sweets (and the ever present threat that some evil man might have poisoned some, as he was always rumoured to have done) was so exciting. 

When I got to university, Halloween turned into an excuse for dressing up and having a big night out – and to be honest, that’s pretty much what it’s remained ever since. So in honor of the celebration (and as an excuse to share some photos from my Saturday night out) I thought I’d share some of my Halloween favourites and memories…enjoy!

Halloween Films

I’m massively not a fan of scary films – I’ve seen quite a few but they often just leave me feeling a bit sick! Children’s Halloween films are a different story. I bought Casper and Hocus Pocus recently, and watched Casper this weekend – we’re saving Hocus Pocus for tonight! Casper is such a cute, funny, feel good movie. I really enjoyed sitting watching it with some snacks (and okay, I maybe had a little tear in places!) It made me think – films for children are deliberately aimed to make them happy…why aren’t adult films the same? Don’t we need to feel happy too?! I’m going to make an effort to watch a lot more kid’s films going forwards (sorry, boyfriend…)

Fancy Dress

I always have over ambitious costume ideas, which lead to me wearing something a bit boring and staring jealously at my friend’s amazing costumes! This year was no exception so I ended up going as a zombie princess (ie a dress I already owned, stockings and a bit of effort with black eyeliner and fake blood).

Some of my friends had amazing costumes though – I was jealous!

Not my boyfriend though. He did his usual trick of going as Dead Man #1...

Over the years I’ve been a dead Playboy bunny and a corpse bride - what’s your favourite?!

Halloween Club Nights

I personally think a cheesy club night is a must for Halloween. The Clapham Grand Halloween Ball is this Saturday night, if you’re still on the lookout for somewhere! Last Saturday I went to Propaganda in Islington, which is always a brilliant night and had really good music. 

I’d recommend getting a taxi booked in advance though, as we had (just a little) trouble getting home…  

Halloween Nails

Some people have done some insanely impressive Halloween nail art this year! I on the other hand was feeling lazy, and picked up these falsies for £1 in Primark. I actually really like them! 

I took them off, though – pretty sure work wouldn’t be too enamoured…

Halloween Food

Why is novelty food so much more exciting than normal food? I can ignore a cupcake, but stick a little picture of a pumpkin on it and I’m all over it. I would thoroughly recommend Sweet Couture cupcakes especially if you’re planning on buying them. This year I made Cadbury Scream Egg Cupcakes – basically, a cupcake with a little Cadbury Screme Egg buried inside them! It’s not hard – just make a normal chocolate cupcake but when you pour the mixture into the cupcake cases, pop a little frozen screme egg in there first. You need to be careful to keep it in the middle though, as they can get a bit sticky otherwise!

Halloween Decoration

My little tips… the plastic pumpkin buckets you can buy in most supermarkets, which are great for little kids to use when trick or treating, also make great cocktail buckets.

I love having Halloween themed cups or straws to make drinking from them seem even more fun!

I also really loved these Halloween balloons from Waitrose this year – they come in black and orange, they were super cheap and really good fun. I didn’t go for turning my flat into a bat cave (although Elle Fowler’s Halloween condo was SO impressive and I recommend everyone check it out!) but I did add a couple of banners.

So there you go – just a couple of Halloween favourites. I hope you all have a great day – what are your plans? I wish I could go out and do it all again this weekend but I have to revise, so let me live vicariously through others!


  1. Happy Halloween!

    Some fabulous costumes there. I've not had any Halloween parties this year so no excuse to dress up sadly, maybe next year.

    Thanks for your comment on my latest post, I do understand about being put off by the long lasting bubble bath although it does smell Autumnal rather than Halloween and would be good throughout Autumn too. Philosophy do smaller bottles too and I would definitely if repurchasing go for them because they last so long.


  2. Happy Halloween! I have very fond memories of our Rocky Horror union nights when I was at uni. Any excuse to generally dress up a bit slutty! I think my favourite was when I went as a fallen angel. I had massive black feather wings. They were awesome. Pretty sure everyone I walked passed got a clip round the head though.

    I love scary films, but kids Halloween films are the best. The Nightmare Before Christmas is probably my favourite :)

    Jenny | sunny sweet pea xx

  3. Happy Halloween doll cool halloween images and costumes love it. Come read you might like the treat I have on my blog.

  4. The spider nails are so cute! And its funny how your go to outfit is a dead/zombie themed one :)

    -B ♡ MsBerryStylish 

  5. Ah how cute are those false nails?! I am rubbish at nail art so I'd go for falsies everytime haha! xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  6. Why is it that, as girls, we always just go oh ok, I'm guna do zombie such and such. We essentially take a costume we already have and add some blood. Haha! Are we lazy?


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