Monday, 28 October 2013

The Big Easy – My Favourite Restaurant in London

Yep, the title is true. A big claim, I know, but the Big Easy on the King's Road in Chelsea is definitely my favourite restaurant in London - if not of all time!

Chelsea, in general, is full of fine dining restaurants. Which is great. Sometimes I’m really in the mood for plates of tiny scallops covered in sauce inexplicably described as a ‘reduction’, or desserts with lavender in (lavender isn’t really a taste, is it? It’s a smell. You wouldn’t eat potpourri. Well. Would you?!)

But sometimes I just want to eat a large plate of something that tastes amazing. Enter left – The Big Easy. A ramshackle little American diner where the portions are USA large and the flavours are Chelsea incredible.

Little tables with red and white chequered table cloths are crammed in seemingly at random, and friendly, unpretentious waiters serve American style beers  - or, you know, wine, if you’re me and you love wine…

To start, I had potato shells with cheese and bacon. Yes. That’s a starter. This isn’t a meal for the faint hearted.

My boyfriend had jalapeno peppers, which he said were good, but not as good as my potato shells. Ha.

For my main, I went for the lobster roll – half a pound of lobster in soft bread – and the half and half; half a portion of onion rings, half of chips.

Ian had a chicken burger with avocado and chips, which I stared at with envious eyes... 

Sadly, he couldn’t quite finish it, but luckily I was on hand to help clear up!

It’s my idea of a proper restaurant – you can pour BBQ sauce on everything, you can wear jeans and get your hands dirty, you can get special deals on different days of the week. It’s not a dining experience or a chef’s experiment or an exercise in vanity -  it’s a restaurant for people who love food and like a lot of it. It’s not the cheapest restaurant I’ve ever been to, and you need to book unless you’re going at a weird time of day (we went at half past three on a Thursday and only waited around ten minutes, but who eats at half past three on a Thursday?!) but I would thoroughly recommend it. The sign on the door on the way out rings true - let me know if you know what I mean!


  1. I use to look forward in eating lobster roll in the Hampton on nyc. This its amazing restaurant I will love to try if I travel to your destination. You got me hungry and its only 6:36 am. Lol

  2. Well now I'm as hungry as you were looking at my pumpkin cookie recipe!


  3. This looks amazing, i love this style of restaurant. This has made me starving for dinner now!



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