Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Windsor Sunshine

We all knew it was going to happen – this week, it’s finally got cold. Up until this weekend it’s been surprisingly mild and sunny for this time of year! I was under no illusion that it was going to last, so while the sun was still out, I wanted to take a little day trip. The problem with this is that getting my boyfriend out of bed at a decent time in the morning is like pulling teeth. He looks so genuinely mournful and hurt if I try to get him up before, say, midday, that I always end up feeling bad and leaving him there!

However, last Sunday at 9am just happened to be the Glastonbury ticket sale, so reluctantly for once he had to get up. After a perfect start to the day of pressing the refresh button and staring blankly at an error screen, we actually did manage to get tickets, which put my boyfriend in such a good mood that he agreed not to immediately go back to sleep, but to face two hours of train delays and tube break downs with me in order to have a little day trip to Windsor.

We both went to university near Windsor and my cousins happened to live nearby when I was growing up, so it’s a place I’ve been quite a few times, but I never get tired of how pretty it is. We didn’t go round the castle itself but started off by wandering around the grounds in the sunshine.

Afterwards we headed to the shops!

As well as the usual array of high street stores, Windsor has so many unusual little places, like this traditional sweet shop, where I managed to pick up a few things…

Along with a whole host of market stalls – I was particularly attracted to the jewellery, obviously. I’m like a magpie for shiny things!

I also thoroughly recommend you check out the fudge shop. They’re so friendly and will let you try anything you like. There’s no obligation to buy anything, but you probably will!

Shopping left us hungry so we headed to La Tasca, a Spanish tapas restaurant, for bread and oil…

Followed by a big, chorizo and chicken paella.

It wasn’t the greatest paella I’ve ever tasted, but it was pretty good, and the atmosphere was really nice - I loved the decorations in the restaurant. I'm such a fan of this candle-in-a-wine-bottle style!

We walked off the food along the river. It’s probably the nicest bit of the Thames, in my opinion. 

You feel worlds away from the hustle and bustle of London, with swans floating alongside you and little kids and dogs running ahead. Everyone just seemed so happy and relaxed.

We finished the day with a cider on the riverside. Sitting outside, in England, in October! Incredible! 

Although looking outside, I wouldn’t want to do that now…it was such a lovely day and I do recommend Windsor – even if you’re not interested in the castle itself, it’s such a nice place to visit!


  1. Great place to go there its a pie place there I do not recall the name it make savory and sweet of all type. Beautiful images great job doll.

  2. These pictures are lovely, it looks like a beautiful place! :) xx

  3. Great pictures - Windsor is a super place for a day out and has some nice shopping like Jo Malone too :O). Xx

  4. Oooh, where did you go to uni? High Wycombe was my stomping ground growing up so Windsor is our nice-day-trip fallback. :)

  5. I love Windsor, I have been to the horse racing a few times there and loved having a walk around the city. I live in Tunbridge Wells and find both the cities very similar. Gorgeous photos too!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  6. Looks lovely :)

    abi x

  7. Lovely picture... I don't know why but I feel I have heard of this place so much... :/
    Let's talk about everything


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