Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmas Loves

Just a few little things I’ve been loving this festive season that I wanted to capture in a post…

Family parties

My sister had a family party this year at her new flat and it was so much fun. 

I love being at home at Christmas and just spending time with people who I don’t always get to see as much as I’d like to. 

Oh…and I like eating until I’m about to burst!

Work parties

The best thing about having a corporate job is the Christmas party. This year we headed to the Bird Of Smithfield in Shoreditch, and it was lovely. 

Excellent food, the bubbles flowed and the Christmas jumpers were out in force!

I ran the quiz, which was a bit scary, but I was pleased I did it. Even if you don’t know many people in your office, or you’re new, I would really recommend going to your Christmas party – it improves morale so much and makes you feel a bit less reluctant to go to work on Monday (unless you embarrass yourself, by doing too many of these, of course!)

Work lunches

Another good thing about working in the corporate world is that we sometimes (rarely, but sometimes) get to go for nice lunches on the company. This week I headed to the Roux at the Landau. I couldn’t take any photos, obviously, but it was fantastic – I would recommend it to anyone and everyone, and I’ve already made reservations to go back in January, so if you can’t go, you can come along with me and my blog!

Lush baths

Aren’t baths just so much better in cold weather? I finally allowed myself a tiny Lush spree, and picked up some festive bath treats. This little penguin cheered me up no end on a rainy Tuesday night, and the snowman was last night's treat!

Oh Christmas Tree

Well, obviously. It might not be as impressive as my big family tree at home, but it’s mine and I love it. I took a couple of hints from Zoella’s Blogmas and added some ribbons!

Festive bedding

I put this on my bed in November and calmed the Christmas Scrooge (my boyfriend) by telling him it was only wintery, not Christmassy. I love it!

My new phone cover (sold out - sorry!)

Three words: holidays are coming…

TV adverts

Which keep making me cry. I’m looking at you, John Lewis and Sainsbury’s.

Spa time

Nobody’s been at my gym/swimming pool this week, so I’ve had it all to myself! I really don’t know why (err maybe they have social lives, loser) because there’s nothing better than sitting in a Jacuzzi watching the world go by when it’s cold outside. I take a magazine down, wrap myself in a warm towel and enjoy! (I haven’t been to the gym, though…I’m not that much of an angel!)

What have you been loving this week?  


  1. Great images and the tree blinking real cute I agree office party are awesome. Your sister its very pretty just like you, the bed comforter its adorable. Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  2. Love your photos! I hope you'll have a great and merry Christmas with your family and friends! xoxo


  3. I love the cupcakes they look so festive and yummy.

    Happy Christmas!

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