Thursday, 19 December 2013

Disney’s Frozen Review

No spoilers, I promise! OK: who doesn’t like feel-good Disney movies? 

Disney's Frozen

What about a snowy, Christmassy movie? What about a Disney film reminiscent of the classics, where the characters constantly burst into song, love conquers all, and everybody lives happily ever after?

Frozen is loosely – very loosely – based on Hans Christien Anderson’s The Snow Queen. It’s the story of Elsa, a little girl with a gift – she can conjure up snow. When she is little, she uses her gift having fun with her little sister Anna – but when Anna accidentally gets hurt, her parents panic. Anna’s memory of her sister’s powers are wiped, and Elsa is kept away from other people and made to hide what becomes her terrible curse.

Disney Frozen

But what happens on Elsa’s coronation day, when the castle is opened?

Disney Frozen review

Frozen is really, really good – genuinely touching, very funny in places – the addition of the talking snowman and the reindeer was a touch of genius – and the sort of heart warming, good family film that causes you to leave the cinema feeling just a little bit cheerier. 

Disney Frozen

Go and see it – if you’ve got little kids, they’ll love it, otherwise, drag a friend, a boyfriend (mine grudgingly admitted he’d quite liked it) your Mum…anyone, I genuinely believe most people might roll their eyes to begin with, but they’ll be converted by the end! 


  1. I want to go see it with my nephew this weekend thanks for this awesome review. Merry Christmas Cate to you and yours.

  2. I've seen this twice already and I'm obsessed with it! I like to think I'm Elsa because I love her haha. PS: Olaf's song about the Summer.

    Annie |

  3. I need to see this! I have watched the trailer one to many times :p x

  4. I absolutely loved this, one of my favourites in years!


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