Friday, 20 December 2013

Kew Gardens Christmas Trail

This year I’ve been determined to do as many festive outings as I possibly can. One of the ideas I came up with was the Kew Gardens Christmas trail.

Kew Gardens are huge, sprawling and gorgeous, and seeing them at night makes them even more dramatic. (It also makes it a little more challenging to take decent photographs - but I did my best!)

We started in the little Christmas market. There are fairground rides for the kids, mulled wine and hot chocolate for the adults.

I had a sausage roll, but it wasn’t fantastic – I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it! The queues were quite long but moved quickly, and there’s lots to look at.

At our allocated time we joined a crowd of others and entered the gardens.

They really have illuminated it cleverly. Lanterns guide your way, and coloured lights highlight the most beautiful parts of the gardens. It was foggy last week which actually made it seem even more mysterious and unique.

There’s some entertainment for little ones.

And dramatic plant displays for the adults.

There’s a garden of torches at the end, which you wish you could gather round!

And a rave in a greenhouse!

We came away with cold noses and tired legs, but happy. I recommend wrapping up warm – it’s quite far, especially for kids – eating before you go, and being prepared to queue. Also, get a bus or a taxi from the train station – the special entrance is miles around the side of the park, it’s a good half an hour if you walk!

Otherwise – enjoy!


  1. It looks wonderful, I love all the lights! So glad you had a nice time apart from the tired legs and disappointing sausage roll! <3

    Jennie xo |

  2. Great place looks like so much fun. You welcome to join my giveaway today.

  3. Amazing photos! This looks like a fun place to be. Great post!



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