Monday, 2 December 2013

Movember Greenwich Park Running

At the beginning of this month, my boyfriend – I can only hope jokingly – suggested that he might do Movember. For anyone who doesn’t know, participating in Movember involves men growing a moustache for the entire month in order to raise money and awareness for men’s health issues. Whilst I accept this is a really worthy cause, the idea of seeing my boyfriend sporting hideous facial hair for an entire month didn’t fill me with joy, so I was frankly relieved when he instead decided to sign himself and his family up for MoRunning – a 10k race around Greenwich Park to raise awareness.

Early on Saturday morning he, his sister and Dad got up, put on shorts and headed out into freezing London. I remained happily (if guiltily) ensconced in my warm bed! Me and his Mum had a nice breakfast and a chat before finally heading over to see how the runners were getting along.

Greenwich Park, it turns out, is gorgeous, and well worth a walk around. We walked up to the Observatory and watched the tail end of the race trail by, some with facial hair that I wouldn’t want to wake up to, others with alarming fake moustaches stuck on!

We wandered down to the finish line and not long afterwards, the winner crossed the line. I was amazed when only a minute or so later, my insanely impressive boyfriend followed! He made it into the top ten and I am just so, so proud of him. To be able to run like that when you’ve only been training for 3 months is insane – he was one of the only ones without sponsorship for a running club!

His family did really well too, so we were a tired but happy bunch who made our way home J Movember is over now (and December is finally here!) but if you want to donate, you can here


  1. That its a great course to grow the mustache. Cool images.

  2. That's such a great achievement, well done to him!


  3. Good on your boyfriend! Very impressive. And much better than the whole moustache business :P

  4. Ooh! I ran this too! It was super hard and hilly and I am super impressed by your boyfriend!! That is a SERIOUS achievement! Cap doffed!


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