Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013: This Is Just A Tribute

I love New Year. Despite always being sad that Christmas is over, I like looking forwards, starting afresh, making new resolutions and goals. I've got a couple this year...but before all that, I wanted to reflect on 2013.

This has been a year of two halves for me. I started out this year in a living situation I wasn't happy with, in a friendship that was really toxic for me in a number of ways, and just one failed exam away from losing my job. Fast forward a year and I'm living happily with my boyfriend, qualified in my job, and I've really got my muchness back! So here we go... a little run through of all the things, big and small, that I've been lucky enough to do this year.

Finally, I am so glad I started my blog. Thanks all of you who have followed and supported me - I was a bit scared to start, but I haven't looked back - onwards and upwards! Hope you all have an amazing New Year!

New Year's Eve - Vibe Bar, Brick Lane

1 year - dinner at the Cinammon Kitchen, which went well until I ate an entire chilli and had to down a glass of wine

Center Parcs - I don't really think he won anything

Center Parcs in my not too sensible boots

Snow angels on Mummy's birthday

Family games

Snowy top golf

Good times with good people

A magical mystery tour

New friends

View over Liverpool 

Party at the Tower of London
Afternoon tea

Festival fun at RW
Relaxing in Turkey...
...for a while, anyway
Living in a hotel...
Falling in love with Cornwall all over again
Moving into my dream flat

Making some new friends along the way
Notting Hill Carnival
Arctic Monkey loving
Fireworks night
Loving York
And my lovely, silly boyfriend

Christmas parties with the best family...
...and friends that a girl could ever ask for.
A Christmas Day that made me realise family is the most important thing
And rounding it all of on top of the world in the Peak District


Sunday, 29 December 2013

The Breakfast Club…For Dinner!

It was a boring Tuesday night. My boyfriend was going to a gig, which I’d said I didn’t want to go to, but sitting on my sofa, watching the fifth episode of Grey’s Anatomy in a row, I was starting to regret my decision…until my sister called. She was at a bit of a loose end in London and wondered if wanted to get some dinner.

I pretty much always want to get some dinner. Both of us do – I think it runs in the family.

I went to meet her for a few drinks, by which time our boyfriends had turned up – although they obviously disappeared at the exact moment that a drunk man arrived with some dubious looking mistletoe, asking for kisses! My boyfriend had to disappear off, so the three of us decided to get some dinner. We’d walked past The Breakfast Club on the way. I knew they did supposedly brilliant brunch but had never heard of anyone who had been for dinner, so we decided to give it a try!

The interior is super cool in a deliberate sort of way, with metal grid partitions decorated with jokey slogan T shirts, neon lights, wooden tables and candles in vodka bottles. Despite it being a Tuesday, we had to wait – but only for about ten minutes, and it’s the party season after all. We sat down and checked out the menu.

Wine, awkwardly, is either ‘cheap,’ ‘medium’ or ‘expensive’ – and the cheap isn’t particularly cheap, but ordering it definitely made me feel a bit embarrassed!

What I wanted to order more than anything else was the Cow VS Pig burger. I mean, …does anything sound more appetising than that? Unfortunately, I just didn’t have the appetite for it (five hours of Grey’s Anatomy watching involves a lot of grazing) so I made do with the ‘When Haloumi Met Salad’ wrap – haloumi and sunblush tomatoes with hummus.

Oh, and some chips, obviously.

I know it was only a wrap, but this was REALLY good. Full of flavour, the haloumi was grilled to perfection – not too chewy, not too raw, and not covered in salt – and the balsamic reduction really topped it all off nicely. And I love retro white and blue china!

My sister went for beef chilli with chips and cheese. Just look at it.

Need I say more?

We had a really good evening, and wanted to pop through the refrigerator door for more drinks, but it was too busy. I’ll definitely be returning! Oh, and if you’re passing, check out the retro wallpaper in the girl’s toilets – I love it! That’s all I’m saying! 

Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmas Loves

Just a few little things I’ve been loving this festive season that I wanted to capture in a post…

Family parties

My sister had a family party this year at her new flat and it was so much fun. 

I love being at home at Christmas and just spending time with people who I don’t always get to see as much as I’d like to. 

Oh…and I like eating until I’m about to burst!

Work parties

The best thing about having a corporate job is the Christmas party. This year we headed to the Bird Of Smithfield in Shoreditch, and it was lovely. 

Excellent food, the bubbles flowed and the Christmas jumpers were out in force!

I ran the quiz, which was a bit scary, but I was pleased I did it. Even if you don’t know many people in your office, or you’re new, I would really recommend going to your Christmas party – it improves morale so much and makes you feel a bit less reluctant to go to work on Monday (unless you embarrass yourself, by doing too many of these, of course!)

Work lunches

Another good thing about working in the corporate world is that we sometimes (rarely, but sometimes) get to go for nice lunches on the company. This week I headed to the Roux at the Landau. I couldn’t take any photos, obviously, but it was fantastic – I would recommend it to anyone and everyone, and I’ve already made reservations to go back in January, so if you can’t go, you can come along with me and my blog!

Lush baths

Aren’t baths just so much better in cold weather? I finally allowed myself a tiny Lush spree, and picked up some festive bath treats. This little penguin cheered me up no end on a rainy Tuesday night, and the snowman was last night's treat!

Oh Christmas Tree

Well, obviously. It might not be as impressive as my big family tree at home, but it’s mine and I love it. I took a couple of hints from Zoella’s Blogmas and added some ribbons!

Festive bedding

I put this on my bed in November and calmed the Christmas Scrooge (my boyfriend) by telling him it was only wintery, not Christmassy. I love it!

My new phone cover (sold out - sorry!)

Three words: holidays are coming…

TV adverts

Which keep making me cry. I’m looking at you, John Lewis and Sainsbury’s.

Spa time

Nobody’s been at my gym/swimming pool this week, so I’ve had it all to myself! I really don’t know why (err maybe they have social lives, loser) because there’s nothing better than sitting in a Jacuzzi watching the world go by when it’s cold outside. I take a magazine down, wrap myself in a warm towel and enjoy! (I haven’t been to the gym, though…I’m not that much of an angel!)

What have you been loving this week?  
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