Monday, 20 January 2014

Greenwich Market Time

Despite being a massive fan of food markets and living so close to Greenwich that I can practically see it from my flat, I’d somehow never been to Greenwich Market before until this weekend.

Sunday was such a beautiful day that after lazily lounging around reading the papers and drinking diet coke all morning, my boyfriend and I decided to head over and have a little wander. It turned out to be one of the nicest days I’ve had this year so far!

We ended up actually walking to Greenwich via a tunnel under the river, which was slightly bizarre – I had literally no idea it was there, so that was a bit of a novelty!

The first thing we saw was the Cutty Sark, blinking in the sunlight. We didn’t go round, although I do want to at some point. Instead we headed straight to the market.

The first half of the market is food, the back half is arts and crafts and all kinds of bits and pieces. 

We wandered around looking at pictures and hand creams and furs and coasters and furniture and so on, trying not to buy everything we saw (it was a struggle!)

I came away with this cute little fridge magnet – it turns out our fridge isn’t magnetic, so that’s a bit odd, but err, I’m sure I’ll find somewhere to put it!

I have to say, though, the food is my favourite bit. I mean…just look at some of the options available…

Bad brownies.

Mini pancakes (just look at them!)

Meats, breads and cheeses.

A hundred different types of curry.

Sweets and chocolates.

Drink some juice...or something a bit stronger!

What did we go for? A good, old fashioned chilli dog.

A soft bun, succulent sausage, smothered in chilli and cheese and onions. I have to say it was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.

That sounds ridiculous, especially considering I’ve spent the last week hopping about in Michelin star restaurants, but you know what – it was just that good! Ian enjoyed it too!

Afterwards we wandered through the park to burn off the calories. It was a gorgeous day and the park was filled with couples hand in hand, families with excitable little kids, and cute dogs racing about.

We walked right up to the observatory at the top, which gives an incredible view over the Wharf (and we could see our flat, which is always good fun.)

When you’re right into the depths of the park it’s only the view peeking out over the trees that reminds you you’re in London, and for someone who misses open space quite a lot, that was something I appreciated.

With cold hands, we ended up in the Waterstones cafe – I made a purchase, despite having a Kindle, which I’m very excited about and will blog about later. And then, even though it was still pretty early, we settled down by the fire in a pub!

Maybe a few too many glasses of wine later we finally headed home. I would honestly recommend a day in Greenwich to absolutely anyone, no matter how far away you live – it’s worth a trip. Try to do it on a nice day – I really can’t wait to come back in summer, buy a load of cheese and bread from the market and curl up on a picnic blanket in the park! There’s so much to do that I think everyone would enjoy it. Have any of you been?  



  1. That looks so beautiful & fun! I love all of your pictures. I love markets too! It's too bad there aren't many where I'm from... Great post!

    Maggie D. xx

  2. I think Greenwich market is another one to add to my places to visit - if only for the food!!


  3. sounds like the perfect day! i love markets like these.. really wish we had them in hong kong too. everything looks so yummy, especially that hot dog. i'm feeling hungry just looking at it! love your purse too, very cute :)

    rachel x

  4. Oh wow your day looks so exciting and interesting! I would love to walk around in the places you visited!
    The food looks extremely delicious!

  5. Wow!! That looks so cool! And haha I have a stainless steel fridge now so when we got it we had to move all our magnets to the sides :/ ... but there's so many cute ones that I come across so if I get any I've just gotta put them on the sides ... lol
    Really like the magnet you got! Hmmm... I think I'd be 18 (...??) if I had to guess my age but didn't know haha funny to think about - great quote! :)

  6. Hello beautiful! I nominated you for the Liebster award! Let me know when you answer them so I can have a nosy around :) Enjoy!
    Lottie xxx

  7. I live here too! :)


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