Thursday, 30 January 2014

January Favourites

So last year, I managed to put up a grand total of ONE monthly favourites posts. I thought that was a bit of a shame, because I love reading about other people’s favourites – it’s the one post/video I’ll always click on if I see it – so this year, I have resolved to try and put up a favourites post every single month, so you can see what I’ve been enjoying lately! Without further ado…

Eye Products
As an eye shadow base you can’t beat the Maybelline Colour Tattoos – this one is in On And On Bronze, but I have also been obsessed with the Pomegranate colour lately. They’re so good if you’re in a rush – just swipe it on and go! (Although it does really stick, so don’t swipe it too crazily or you’ll get some weird looks on your way to work).
I’ve also been absolutely in love with the Yves St Laurent eye shadow palette in Pure Chromatics. This was an incredibly generous Christmas present from my sister, and I’ve used it pretty much every day since. I'm going to do a separate review on this soon, but for now I'll just say it's beautiful and I'm obsessed!

Lip Products
I’m still a big fan of my Nivea Lip Butter in Vanilla & Macademia – my lips are all dry and gross at the moment, and this helps sort them out. Lipstick wise, I’ve been going for the Models Co lipstick in ‘Kitty’ during the day – an easy to wear nude pink, which actually came from a Birchbox – and another amazing present from my sister, Yves St Laurent Rouge Pur Couture in number 42, for evenings/nights out. This is an amazing bronze-red which goes on like silk – I absolutely love it. Lipstick in general is a big thing for me at the moment – I need to stop buying them but I can’t, I think I have a problem, I need to go to meetings.

I got some Real Techniques face brushes for Christmas and the buffing brush is amazing – it makes all foundation go on looking high end. I have to admit I didn’t think this would be worth the hype but it really is – it’s changed my face! (Not literally – it hasn’t given me a nose job. You take my point).

Another Christmas present, the Jean Paul Gautier ‘Classique’ perfume is my favourite scent of the month – it’s strong enough that it lasts all day, but isn’t overpowering, and although I’m not even going to try to describe the scent, it’s the type I like – go and smell it!

Yankee Candle in Christmas Cookie might be sold as a Christmas candle, but I can’t tell what’s Christmassy about it – it smells like white chocolate, which, okay, maybe some people only eat white chocolate at Christmas, but I personally am partial to it all year round! I’ve been really liking burning it this month – it’s a nice, soft, bedroom scent which isn’t too overpowering or sweet.

My Aspinal Of London purse – an insanely generous gift from my parents – is the new love of my life. I basically just can’t stop looking at it. It’s the perfect size, and the leather is beautiful, and it smells nice (is it weird that I love the smell of leather?!) It’s basically the best thing ever and if it was legal to marry a purse I might seriously consider it.

TV Show

Luther – my boyfriend and I have watched the entire first series of this in three days (okay, this sounds mental, but it’s only six episodes long), and I then practically had a breakdown when I realised only the first series was available on Sky On Demand, and have almost fallen over my own feet to order the next series, like, now. It’s a detective show, and just a disclaimer – it’s really graphic and a bit scary (if anyone’s seen it – the episode with the licking-tongue man haunts my dreams). But it’s also really clever and intense and GOOD.
Special mention also to Channel 4 – some seriously hilarious shows on lately which have cheered up my rainy January nights no end!

Burger Me! - A blog about burgers, mostly London based. Trust me though – never read it when you’re hungry!


The entire new Arctic Monkeys album is amazing and I can't stop listening to it - I think my favourite song is 'No 1 Party Anthem' but basically...just get the album, okay? 

Crussh smoothies. One is called a 'fat burner'. It's like drinking negative calories...right? 

The WEATHER. Can it just stop raining now? Looking out of my window it's like we live in Mordor. Oh, and having to move out of my flat!

Leave me your favourites posts below and I'll go check them out, and don't forget to enter my Victoria's Secrets give away! 


  1. Great post! x

  2. I totally agree with the candle... it doesn't remind me of christmas at all...


  3. Real technics makeup brushes and nivea I love.

  4. love yankee candles!!

    --> Invitation to my International Rosewholesale Giveaway!
    I hope you will partecipate!!

  5. I love Real Techniques brushes! I've heard great things about Yankee Candles and I'd really love to get one.

    Ray | Obey Ray

  6. I really need to get around to make my favourites post. I have been loving so many thing similar to you such as, my Vanilla Satin Yankee Candle, RT brushes and the AM album.


  7. Ugh I know, the weather has been awful. Saw some sun today finally!

    I really like the Christmas cookie candle, but agree I can't really identify anything Christmassy about it! I would also really like to get my hands on some real techniques brushes!

    Wee Bit of Rachel

  8. I know what you mean about Christmas Cookie, it smells amazing but it's like the least festive smell ever?!
    I seriously need to try the nivea lip butters too, i see them popping up everywhere and it's always good stuff I'm hearing xx

  9. I really need to start doing favourites posts although I think I'm a bit late for this month now!

    Oh I haven't smelt JPG fragrance for years, I used to wear it all the time.


  10. Ohh that candle sounds amazinggg! <3

    Jennie xo |

  11. Oh I seriously agree with the Maybelline tattoo shadows. They are so easy to use when in a hurry, I currently have 3, the pom one is my favourite.

    I seriously want to do one of these posts now. Maybe I'll try to keep up with one a month too... Better get one done tomorrow then. I also love reading them, thanks for this! :)

    Kelsey Dina <3

  12. I love the Maybelline colour tattoos, they are honestly the one thing in my makeup collection I don't think I could live without! I love that you can purchase not only neutrals but also bright colours which make it a lot of fun!


  13. Mmm that's ne of my favourite ever perfumes!

  14. The buffing brush is iiiiiiiiincredible. I can't believe the difference it's made when I'm applying some foundation to my face. Plus I never need to use as much product now that it gets worked properly around the skin. So good.

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes

  15. Nice products :)) great post :))

  16. The raspberry nivea is amaaazing I want to eat it straight out of the tin!! I know what you mean about the JPG perfume, my boyfriend asked me why I smelt like a posh hotel toilet...I dont really know if that was a compliment or not but I love the stuff x x


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