Monday, 3 February 2014

Chinese New Year in Soho

On Friday night, January finally gave up the ghost and slunk off into the night to be replaced by February, it’s slightly nicer (and at least shorter) relation. My friends and I wanted to celebrate, and as it was Chinese New Year we thought we’d head to China Town in Soho for food and drink.

Chinese New Year is traditionally celebrated on the Sunday, so there were no parades, but it was still busier than average and beautifully decorated.

We admired the lanterns…for a few minutes, before hiding under our coats from the rain again! Thanks, British weather! 

I never know where to go in Soho. We’d planned to go to Opium, but stupidly hadn’t booked, so in the end we simply wandered into the first restaurant we found with space for us – the Oriental Dragon.

It was really pretty inside, with warm lighting and little round tables.

I recommend this restaurant. I don’t know a lot about authentic Chinese food, and this is the usual British variations, but it’s cooked really nicely and has great flavour. 

Unlike some Soho restaurants, who seem to be aware that most of their customers are passing trade and so don’t make much of an effort, the waiters were really friendly and helpful.

We had crispy duck and seaweed to start, with deep plum sauce and sides of prawn toast.

I followed up with a cashew nut chicken dish and rice.

And a lot of wine!

China Town might not be authentic but it’s a great place to go if you want a lot of fun and some good food!

Afterwards, we headed to Borderline. I’m loath to give away the name of this place as it’s my secret London club – they play great indie music, the drinks are stupidly cheap and you can even sit down. If you’re in the Tottenham Court Road area, go!

Don’t forget to enter my Victoria’s Secret giveaway, and I hope you all have a great February! 


  1. I love to stroll around in China town and discover new things and amazing foods :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. Wow pretty cool the food looks awesome.

  3. I have never been to a proper Chinese in Soho, it is on my bucket list though.


  4. It looks like fun! The food looks delicious as well! :)


  5. Looks like you had fun, a shame about the rain!!!

    Hannah x | lovelettersandsnippets

  6. On my last trip to London we walked through China town. Didn't really stop anywhere to eat though. We only had 1 day and soooo many things we wanted to see.

    It's on my list though to eat there one day.

  7. Hey! I tagged you in my latest post and I'd loved if you joined in, I would love to read it! :)


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