Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Early Pancake Day!

First off – I’m going to Mexico on Saturday! Yes, as of this weekend I’ll be swapping the cold English winter for warm Cancun beaches, wine in cold pubs for cocktails in tropical fruit vessels by the pool – and I can’t wait. Anyone with any recommendations for places to go or things to see, leave them as a comment down below or give me a tweet – I’ve never been before and I really want to make the most of it!

The one downside to going away next week is that we’re missing one of my favourite foodie days of the year… pancake day!

I love pancakes, and even though last year making them was a bit of an unmitigated disaster…

I still had a great time playing board games and drinking with friends. I was a bit down about the idea of missing it this year so decided there was only one thing for it…we’d have to move it forwards a bit, and celebrate it the week before instead.

So last night, my boyfriend and I got our ingredients together. I used the mix last year (and still got it SO wrong) so this year we went for proper, from-scratch pancakes; plain flour, eggs and milk. I basically chuck it all into a bowl and mix it until it looks like pancake batter – you want it quite runny, but not so runny that it’s water. Think the consistency of a smoothie and you’re there.

Then really heat up some oil so it’s nice and hot, and tip the mixture into a big frying pan. Swoosh it about a bit so it covers the entire surface of the pan, cook it for a few minutes, then flip it! My boyfriend turned out to be an excellent flipper – who knew. (I was too scared to try it).

Stack them all up and then get some toppings involved. We had bacon, honey, sugar and lemon (not all together on one pancake).

And enjoy!

Oh, and add wine. 

I, personally, think no celebration is complete without some wine (guess I won’t be giving alcohol up for lent).

We settled down in front of the second season finale of the Wire, which is my current favourite show (no spoilers, please!) and ate to our heart’s content. It’s such an easy meal that I’m definitely thinking of making it more often in future!

What are your plans for Pancake Day?  


  1. I can't wait for pancake day! You'll love Cancun, make sure you go to Coco Bongos VIP area, it's NOT to be missed! Our best night of the whole holiday! If you want to ask anything, give me a shout on twitter @beautywish as we only went in October! :) xxx

  2. I am looking forward to pancake day! It's the day before my birthday! Perfect. :)

  3. I went to Mexico for a family holiday and I swam with Dolphins in Cancun I believe it was, it was AMAZING. We stayed on a little island just off of mexico, but the weather was gorgeous and the seas are so clear. Hope you have a fantastic time! I love pancake day, I've found a new love of pancakes with nutella and chopped up banana.... YUM x

    Hannah @ FashionistaDigital

  4. I totally forgot it's pancake day soon! Definitely going to get flipping! I like it the classic way though - lemon and honey. Yum yum...

    Cocktails and Caroline

  5. I love pancakes too! I didn't realize there was a day dedicated to them though. How fun! Thanks for visiting my blog. Sure, I'd love to follow on BL! Hope you can follow back : )


  6. Mexico!! Wow!!!!! That is amazing - I hope that you have the best trip and enjoy every moment! Please take lots of photos to share with all of us envious bloggers over here ;)

    Your pancake look much better than last years batch hahahaha :) Love the ingredients - delicious! xxx


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