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GBK vs Byron – The Burger Off

When I was little, I remember everyone was either a McDonald’s or a Burger King person. You couldn’t be both, and it would lead to long arguments – ‘the chips are better in Burger King!’ ‘but I want a McFlurry!’ – with no one ever persuading the other that their view was correct. 

Nowadays I’m a bit older, and fast food is (mainly) reserved for extreme hangovers or last minute journeys, but the argument is still the same – only now it’s grown up a bit. These days, the two main burger chains in the UK are Byron and GBK. So which is the best? This week, completely in the name of research, I decided to visit both. No need to thank me, I do it for a good cause...


If you’d asked me before visiting both in a week, I would’ve said I was a Byron girl. There’s lots of things I like about Byron. You get table service – from friendly waitresses who know a lot about the menu and don’t mind if you’re fussy – which makes it feel like a proper restaurant, rather than a café. Also, the milkshakes are incredible! On this occasion, however, we were all a bit hungover, so soft drinks were the order of the day.

Byron/GBK Burger Review

I went for the Byron burger, but switched cheddar for American cheese because I just really like the taste of processed, bright yellow cheese (sorrynotsorry). 

Sidewise I went for courghette fries, and my boyfriend had normal fries so just to be fair I stole a few of those too.

My burger was incredible. The bacon was beautifully crispy, the cheese gooey and thick and the burger itself perfectly cooked. I really do like the Byron sauce. The courgette fries, as I've said before, make you feel healthy even though they're deep fried goodness! Coming in at around £15 a head (that’s for a soft drink, a burger and one side) there’s no doubt that this is a great place for a lunch or dinner.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Now, I haven’t been to GBK for years. When I went previously I half remember the burgers being about £5 and quite mediocre, so I was pleasantly surprised this time when I saw the menu gave a very decent amount of choice.

You do have to go up to order, Nandos-stylee, and they brought us diet cokes with straws, which actually was a bit of a pain as the straws kept leaping out! It's not a nightmare, it just feels a little cheaper than the Byron experience.

I was seriously tempted by the Camemburger (which comes with a camembert and a hash brown) but when I saw the man next to me struggling with his, I decided maybe I didn’t have the appetite!

Instead I went for the avocado bacon burger, and skinny fries.

I have to say, the burger was really good. Putting avocado on anything is pretty much a guarantee I’ll like it, and the bacon was well cooked as well – crispy and salty. GBK put some kind of salsa on the burgers which I have to admit – quietly – I actually like more than the Byron sauce! The burger itself, however, although perfectly cooked in the middle, was a bit chewy round the outside, and the chips…

Well. They’re definitely skinny, I’ll give them that. GBK do also offer chunky chips, which I think I’d get if I went back – these taste more like crisps than chips!


Overall, then, what I really want is a Byron burger, with some GBK avocado and salsa, table service, diet coke in a glass (and probably a milkshake), Byron chips and the GBK price tag. Err…that’s not very conclusive, is it? 

Oh, well, I’ll just have to go back and do some more research…  


  1. I will love a burger please great post will want to visit that restaurant. Sorry I have not been here often been very sick and under heavy medication no joke. Happy Wednesday

  2. Hahaha! Brilliant non-conclusion - pretty much Burger King fries with a McFlurry then ;) I have to say I am a Byron girl too, not that I don't enjoy a GBK it does just feel a little cheaper!

  3. oh my @___@' that burger is so sinful, I want one!!!

  4. Hello,

    great post! i love a good burger and have been to GBK a few times and love their blue cheese burger. I have never eaten at Byron but after reading this I think I will have too I love the sound of the courgette fries!

    Thank you for taking the time to read my comment


  5. Ohmygoodness those burgers look amazing. I need to find a place like this around where I live.

    Kelsey Dina <3

  6. I adore Byron, their burgers are delicious and the fries are so so good.

    Lace and Lipstick Stains

  7. Those french fries look so dang delicious! Oh my goodness.
    Kallie @ But First Coffee

  8. The burger looks amazing! I am actually craving one now! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

  9. Those french fries look so so so good! Now I'm hungry... great post :)

  10. i have yet to try byron, which is crazy since it's on every corner in london! it needs to be rectified. x

  11. We're obviously blogging in sync as I have a Burger Wars post scheduled for this weekend (Shake Shack Vs Five Guys). I had the Camemburger from GBK before Christmas and it was AMAZING!!

    I prefer Byron I think, the courgette fries and OMG the oreo milkshake - it's the best.

    Victoria x

  12. Amazing post!!!

  13. all I have concluded from this is that I want a burger and a milkshake! mmmm they look so good in the pictures & both places sound great!xx

  14. Delicious post my dear ;) The burger looks tasty for sure :P


  15. good post burger looks so nice! haha check my blog out xx


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