Monday, 10 February 2014

Kent Country Weekend Day 1 - Cottages & Coffee!

I might have mentioned before that no matter how much I enjoy my life in London, deep down I want to move to a little village in the middle of nowhere and spend my entire life between country pubs and tea rooms. This weekend I got to indulge that side of me, as my boyfriend and family rented out a cottage in the Kent countryside and escaped from the world for a while.

Yes, this is (was) a field, not a river
We headed down on Friday morning, past flooded fields (seeing a swan swimming on a field is a little unusual at first!)...

and stopping off for coffee in an Indian, which has confirmed my opinion that ‘Indian restaurant coffee shop’ is not a concept that is likely to catch on. Our first stop was Tenterden, a pretty little town which holds a fond place in my heart because its where my grandparents lived as long as I knew them. 

We went past their house and it brings back the strangest feelings. I’m not going to make it sound clich├ęd by saying anything like ‘I could feel their presence,’ because a.) it’s trite and b.) my grandparents were very practical people who would tell me I was being a bit ridiculous. It was just nice, in a sad sort of way. That’s the best I can do to describe it.

Church where my Aunt got married

Despite the evidence of rain everywhere, it was a really lovely day and we meandered through the pretty, independent shops, stopping to eat a pub lunch (I went with the ‘healthy’ option of a giant jacket potato with half a tonne of chicken. I bought a Valentine's Day card and persuaded myself out of several impractical purchases...

...before we moved onto our next destination, Rye.

Rye is a meandering village, one part antique shops, one part tiny independent places selling sweets and trinkets and home ware – barely a chain store in sight. It's very British, very traditional and I love it.

There’s a great view of the sea at the end – all that land below is reclaimed land, meaning there used to be sea right there, which barely makes sense to me!

After all that walking we were glad when my Dad pulled up (literally, up a practically vertical dirt track) to our home for the weekend – Dairy Farm cottage, one of the prettiest places I have ever stayed.

Out in the middle of nowhere, nothing to see for miles around but fields.

Inside it’s rustic, modern yet still cosy, with exposed beams and comfy sofas. The owners had left us a cake, which was a nice touch.

We cooked dinner (well, okay – my sister cooked dinner) and we ate far too much, drank a lot of wine, and played board games (mostly Articulate, which in my opinion is basically the only board game there is...

before crawling into bed for what was for me the best night’s sleep in ages – despite the hammering wind and rain outside! Country air really does make you sleep.

Obviously I took too many photos to fit the entire weekend into one post – so you’ll just have to wait till tomorrow for the rest! 


  1. I'm so lucky I live in a small town with loads of cute villages around I get to explore. Glad you had a great weekend.


  2. Gorgeous pictures - Kent is so pretty! :)

  3. Scariest 'field' ever haha. It all looks lovely, though :)



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