Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Champagne on a Monday? Maxwell’s Monday Madness

Yesterday was my mum’s birthday. I am really close to my family and always have been, but somehow I hadn’t seen them for ages – nearly a month, since before I went to Mexico, which is one of the longest times ever! I was so excited and spent the whole day at work staring at the clock and wishing the minutes away until it was finally time to head over to Convent Garden.

We met in Henry’s, which is a really nice bar on the other side of the market area. I pushed my way through 700 Japanese people taking photographs of red telephone boxes (seriously, it is SO touristy round there) and excitedly joined the fam! We had a drink and then made our way over to Maxwell’s Bar & Grill for dinner (conveniently bumping into my boyfriend on the journey).

I’ve been to Maxwell’s a couple of times and I would describe it as a better version of TGI’s – big portions of decent food served in a diner type setting. On Mondays they offer ‘Monday Madness’, with reduced prices and happy hour all night, which I would seriously recommend – it’s slightly overpriced at other times! I would book – being in such a prime location, right opposite Covent Garden station, it can get really busy – and be aware that it’s quite a noisy, busy restaurant – my Dad spent the first half of the evening looking confused and asking us to repeat ourselves!

But if you do go, the food and drinks are great. We had champagne, obviously…

We shared a chicken platter to start, which for some reason I forgot to photograph – a shame, because it was great!

My boyfriend had fajitas as a main and declared that they were very good – no scrimping on the portions!

My mum had a ‘salad’. Not exactly the healthy option as it was an entire chicken plonked on some lettuce – topped with bacon – but very tasty!

I had chicken smothered in BBQ sauce with chips. YUM.  

I didn’t photograph everyone’s meal as obviously we were all having too much fun enjoying ourselves, but everyone enjoyed their food and we left extremely full and contented. I love family occasions like this and it’s made me look forward to going home at the weekend even more. It’s also made me realise how much fun it is to go out on a Monday – I’m going to recommend it more often (sure my boyfriend won’t be happy!)  


  1. Happy Birthday to your mom great food nice to dedicate a post to her.

  2. This is lovely that obviously you're all grown-up now, but you're still really close to your family and like to see them frequently. Mums da bestttt!

  3. That food looks so delicious, especially the fajitas! have walked past this place so many times and always wanted to try it! :)



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