Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Mexico Pt 1: Cancun Sunrise

Before I start these posts, I want to state three things:

1. Cancun is one of the nicest places I’ve ever been, and I have completely fallen in love with it – for reasons that will hopefully become clear across the next few posts, but the photograph below is a little sneak peak...

2.   I am now back home, and singularly depressed about this

3. Consequently, I will do my absolute best to write in an unbiased manner, and without too much consternated wailing and pleading to be allowed to return, but I can only do so much!

Bearing that in mind – let’s go!

It seems a long time ago now that my boyfriend and I got up on Saturday 1st March and made our way across London to Gatwick Airport, documents and holiday nails all ready. 

I had pictured a nice, relaxed breakfast – maybe pancakes at Frankie & Benny’s – but in the event, the airport was packed, so I had a slightly less enjoyable chicken sandwich, perched on a bench at the busiest McDonald’s in the entire world. When we did finally get on the plane, we were told it was going to be delayed because the engine wasn’t working – which didn’t exactly calm my nervous flyer genes!

An hour and a half later when we did eventually take off, the flight proceeded fairly smoothly. I watched Despicable Me 2, which was far funnier than I expected it to be, and a sad but incredible documentary on orca whales called Blackfish which made me want to leap from the plane and join a ‘Free The Whales’ society. And halfway through the journey the girl in front of me reclined her chair until her head was in my lap, as ever, so I spent the rest of the journey feeling grumpy and watching TV at a bizarre 45 degree angle until the plane eventually, 10 and a half hours after it had taken off, touched down in Cancun. (I complain, but actually we were very lucky to get direct flights and the journey was fine, really).

The first thing that hit me once we stepped from the airport was the heat – it was incredible feeling warm after so long. We found our transfer to the hotel, a little mini bus right at the back of the parking lot, and got on. My boyfriend stepped inside first, and I heard an American woman greet him,
Ian smiled and said hello back, and I sort of nodded in surprise as we made our way to the remaining seats. When we got there, I looked at him in confusion and asked,
‘Do you know her?!’
He stared at me in disbelief.
‘Cat, she’s American. She’s just being friendly. How on earth would I know her?!’
I couldn’t help laughing at my own Britishness, but still, it was a sign of things to come. Our resort was almost entirely American – I didn’t hear a British voice all week – and it was refreshing to be around people who were always smiling, always saying hello and asking where you were from. Don’t get me wrong, I am fond of British ways, but the American people seemed a lot more positive to me, and I liked it.

Anyway, we got to the hotel in the dark – in English time, it was around 2am – threw our stuff in our room, and headed straight to the bar. I wanted a holiday cocktail and my first taste of Mexican food, and I wasn’t disappointed!

We sat in what was essentially a little sports bar. I had a frozen strawberry margarita as we waited for our food.

Steak quesadillas…

And a small mountain of nachos.

It was so good, and this was just a little bar in the hotel – I couldn’t wait to see what else Mexico had to offer! Once we’d finished we collapsed in bed and fell into a deep sleep…

Until half past 5 in the morning, when jet lag had us up and ready to go!

I woke up first. It was still dark, but so warm. I padded out onto the balcony. Our hotel, the Royal Caribbean Resort, has gorgeous rooms with views that look over the beautiful pool and out onto the crystal blue sea. 

We stood quietly, happily, watching as the sun came up over the perfect view in front of us.

It was an absolutely perfect day. I felt completely content, standing there with the early morning sun shining on my face, the week stretching out luxuriously in front of me, filled with lazy days of swimming, sunbathing and eating good food. I would do anything to transport myself back to that moment. 

We went down to the beach, which was still basically deserted. It is undoubtedly one of the most stunning beaches I have ever seen – like something out of a holiday brochure, with gleaming white sand reaching down to a glittering blue sea.

We paddled about happily until hunger sent us climbing back up to the hotel in search of more food…breakfast, Mexican style! But that’s a story for another day…

Hope you liked the first instalment of my Mexican adventure – part two tomorrow! In the meantime...does anyone know the cure for the holiday blues?   


  1. Ahhh it's so gorgeous! You're making me want to go back again!

    Excited for the next part of your holiday posts, did you make it to Chichen Itza for the sinkhole? :)


    1. We didn't - we did do quite a bit though, stay tuned!! Wish we'd got there - we'll have to go back! xxx

  2. Cancun is so much fun. Great pictures;

  3. This looks like paradise it's stunning! I would love to visit Cancun!


  4. Aww these photos are amazing! I want to go on holiday so badly!
    The frozen cocktail looks so delicious.


  5. This looks lovely! Lovely cocktails too! I haven't been to Mexico for years, must go back some day.

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

  6. Your trip seemed like fun! (And those are gorgeous holiday nails too!)

    Look, That's Me!

  7. Its so beautiful there! And ohh the frozen cocktail~ gaaah! I need a holiday.


  8. Wow! This is making me really want to go to Cancun! I just arrived back from Tenerife last week so I am feeling your pain :(


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