Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Mexico Pt 2: Sun, Sea, Sand &...Sleep

I left off yesterday as we sat down to breakfast on our first day. Ian went for what was basically Mexican toast! I had a slightly more traditional option – pancakes covered in syrup, with little hash browns and scrambled eggs. Yum.

We lay in the sun, before breaking my Mum’s golden rule about not swimming for half an hour after you’ve eaten. 

I’d bought a new underwater camera to play with so we had some fun testing it out. It’s harder pulling a normal face underwater than you’d think!  

There’s also nothing quite like the amusement of throwing the camera to each other, pretending to drop it in shock, and watching the horrified faces of people by the pool!

Deciding it was time for refreshment, we swam up to the poolside bar, which was so much fun – it made me feel like I was on Laguna Beach and on my spring break! 

We got cocktails – tequila sunrise and rum punch – and drank them as we splashed about. I kept falling off the bar stools – again, it’s harder than it looks!

After a quick lunch of bread, cheese and salami in our hotel room, we headed back to the beach to lie under sun drenched parasols and sunny skies, paddling in the beautiful surf.

We got ready for dinner...

 and even went downstairs...

before realising we were both crispy from the sun, exhausted from jetlag, and both much more ready for an evening in! We drank wine in our hotel room and fell asleep, happy and contented.

An amazing day! Look forward to part 3 tomorrow...



  1. Beautiful are the pictures the water so clear I want to jump in. Is rainy here so you brought me some sunshine.

  2. Looks so freakin heavenly! Pretty jealous girl over here, tho I may not complain cos the sun is shining haha

    xo Mélane
    Selfhelp | Inspiration | Motivation

  3. It looks like you are having the best time! I love your dress as well :) x

    p.s; check out my Topshop makeup giveaway!

  4. Such beautiful photos.
    The sea is so clear!
    Definitely makes me want to go to Mexico.


  5. gorgeous photos - I soooo want to go to Mexico now!!!
    I love your honest account too - admitting you both needed an early night instead of trying to party while exhausted! :)


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