Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Easter Weekend Balcony Picnic

My boyfriend and I have moved flat recently and in doing so have acquired a gorgeous balcony with stunning views of the city and the river. 

This bank holiday weekend I decided to make the most of it – and the generously good weather -  by having my friends over for lunch.

We had cider followed by margaritas generously provided by my friend, and then I served up a little feast…

Several types of cheeses including feta and mozarella. Soft bread, oat cakes (and butter, obviously).  

A selection of cold meats.

Salad, coleslaw.

By the time the others arrived the sun was high in the sky, drinks were flowing and the sunglasses were out!

We had planned to head over to Camden in the early afternoon but ended up sitting on the balcony with our drinks, listening to music, until the sun went down.

Finally at sunset, my boyfriend turned up from his football game and we got ready to go out.

We went to Barfly in Camden and, while the downstairs was a little like watching old people dance at a wedding, the bands upstairs were pretty good and we had a great night.

I’ll definitely be hosting more picnics in the future!  



  1. Looks like it was a fun filled weekend.
    L x

  2. awesome.. thats stunning! I like how the photos went from day to night!

  3. Amazing little balcony! But so high up! Omgosh I would be freaked out.

    We have a little one attached to our apartment but it doesn't get used a whole lot. I need to do something to pretty it up and make it more functional.

    Kelsey Dina <3


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