Wednesday, 2 April 2014

John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Spray Review

Ooh, controversial. I know that there are a lot of people who really don’t like this product. You only have to look it up on Amazon to read a torrent of unhappy comments and complaints, let alone blog reviews! People claimed it made their hair fall out at the root, tangle, dry up forever, give them psoriasis… and so on and so forth. So why on earth did I try it?!

I have ombre hair (see here for how I did this) and the blonde got a little bit lighter whilst I was on holiday in Mexico, but when I got back I felt like the colour had dulled slightly. I didn’t really want to re bleach it (I have done that a couple of times since I did it originally) – I just wanted to brighten it. When I saw this product in Boots, I thought…why not? I did, however, vaguely remember reading some pretty negative reviews online, so I looked it up before using it.

There’s no way around it – I was a bit scared. However, most of the problems seemed to come from people who put the product on their roots. I figured that as I was only using this on the ends of my hair, it couldn’t possibly travel all the way up to the root and make my hair fall out. I supposed it might break off, but I wondered if John Frieda could really, realistically sell a product that makes your hair break off and get away with it. I doubted it – but I did just apply a small amount the first time round to make sure, before using a second application when all seemed fine.

Honestly? I thought this spray was brilliant. It lightened my hair probably two shades and removed all the brassy tones – here’s an after photo, complete with flower headband
…it also blended a lot more easily than bleach.

I think if people have been having problems with this, they might be using it wrong. Firstly, you can only use it once between washes, on wet hair. Secondly, this is a lightening product – it has, like, peroxide in it, or whatever – it’s not a conditioner, so apply it carefully. And finally, it’s not a full on hair dye. Don’t use it to keep dying your hair – if you need your roots done, this will keep them going for another couple of weeks or so, then go and get them done – don’t use it over and over!

I left it a few weeks before writing this review to see what the after effects were. There was a little dryness through my ends, but the Philip Kingsley elasticizer fixed that - and beyond that, this has done everything I wanted to do! Like I say, I didn’t use it on my roots so I can’t comment on what kind of damage that might have. What do you think of this spray? 


  1. I always use the lightning spray and have never had a problem. I think people might have problems if they dry their hair too long with it.

    If you are wanting your hair to be less dull, particularly the blonde bits try a purple shampoo every few weeks. I use Joico's Color Endure Violet Shampoo. It is pricey, but if you use it sparingly it will last a long time.

    Fie xx

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  2. I really love this too, it's worked wonders on my hair!

    Jennie xo |

  3. I've used these products and I liked them lol
    L x


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