Friday, 25 April 2014


With so many groups you’re supposed to pick a side. Oasis or Blur? Spice Girls or All Saints? Mcfly or Busted? Why can’t we all just get along, guys?

Well, that’s exactly what McFly and Busted decided to do (minus the conspicuously absent Charlie, still presumably pretending to be cool somewhere with his awful screamo band). They formed McBusted and have since achieved huge touring success across the UK, including a sell out tour at the o2, which I was lucky enough to attend last night with my sister.

We had seats high up in the rafters, so my photographs aren’t great, but the view was actually pretty good and they had big screens up so vision was fine.

I have to be honest and say we skipped out on the warm up acts, so I can’t review those, but we watched the entire main performance…

And it was brilliant! I half thought I might only know a few of the songs, but in actual fact I knew every single one – it just goes to show, music sticks in your mind. The Busted songs took me back to singing angrily into my mirror with a hair brush, aged 15 and over emotional, and the happy McFly tunes had everyone standing and dancing in their seats.

What made the show was that it was a real performance. There were several intervals where the band left the stage, filled with (fairly) amusing pre recorded footage on the screens. During ‘Star Girl’ the band entered the arena on a flying saucer lowered down into the centre of the o2, and beckoned fans around them!

Highlights for me included everyone waving their torches during the pretty ‘Sleeping With The Light On,’ inflatable footballs bouncing around through the irrepressible ‘What I Go To School For,’ and, not surprisingly, my favourite Busted song of all time – ‘Thunderbirds’, which took many people by surprise – don’t go to the toilet when the boys leave the UFO, that’s all I’m saying!

It was a really fun, high energy performance ,and the boys came off as likeable and down to earth, genuinely surprised by the level of interest in their shows. I’m not surprised though -  we danced and sang all night and I would genuinely recommend it to anyone who likes either band! 


  1. I loved busted!! Looks like it was a great night.
    L x

  2. I'm glad you liked it, I went last weekend and really want to go again:))

    Ugo|My Blog❤️

  3. Oh this sounds like an awesome night. Glad you had such fun! Usually these people are at each other's throats…lovely to see a nice collaboration. Rosemary X

  4. -great post,love your blog so much:))
    Maybe we could follow each other? Let me know on my blog!


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