Thursday, 3 April 2014

Pix Sticks – Tapas in Covent Garden

When I was little my favourite part of friends’ birthday parties was the buffet table. My mum used to warn other parents not to let me eat too much (is that embarrassing?!) but I just can’t resist the lure of the buffet! Pix is the grown up, tapas equivalent of a birthday party table. Tucked around a corner in Covent Garden, it’s a cosy little restaurant with pared back décor, super friendly staff and a laid back method of eating inspired by the pintxo bars of Barcelona. 

All the food is laid out on the bar – a huge selection of hot and cold tapas which changes all night as it is eaten and replaced – and you simply select what you want, retain the little sticks and pay at the end! I was in heaven.

We arrived at around half six and got seats easily, but if it’s a weekend or if you’re going at peak times you might want to book. It was a lovely evening and people were even sitting out on the streets, relaxed and enjoying their food.

We ordered our drinks (beer - well, when in Spain) and then hit the tapas!  

First up: chorizo and cheese, and a chicken skewer in mint and coriander yoghurt dressing. 

The dressing was gorgeous and I kept it to dunk other foods in throughout the night!

Ian had meatballs and a baguette sandwich (his favourite).

French toasts – one with bacon, cheese and tomato, the other with pancetta and foie gras. I’d never had foie gras before and thought it was delicious. These were my favourites of the night.

Pepper, onion and sausage skewer, and more chorizo sandwiches.

Breaded olives and patatas bravas. As you can see, at this point they turned the lights down - which wasn't great for my blog photos, but gave the whole place a really nice, late-evening vibe.

Deep fried cheese balls and more French toasts – one with pancetta, the other with black pudding and a tiny fried egg.

And to finish it all off – churros dipped in chocolate sauce!

Everything was lovely – fresh, flavourful and delicious. There was so much choice – there were so many other things I wanted but didn’t have room for!

I loved the atmosphere of the restaurant – you could sit there for ages, eating a bit, having a drink, going back for more…I could’ve stayed all night!

We amassed quite a decent collection of sticks by the end. It wasn’t the cheapest meal, but you could make it cheaper by, err, eating a bit less than we did!

It was a lovely evening and I’d recommend it to anybody who likes tapas, buffet style eating. I can’t wait to go back. 


  1. Oh wow. This place looks amazing, I will keep my eyes peeled next time I'm in Central and looking for somewhere to eat!


  2. I will like to visit this place the food looks outstanding.

  3. I love tapas but I hardly ever eat it! If you like these kinds of buffet, you should come to Italy and have an aperitivo - it's essentially their happy hour but instead of cut-price drinks, you pay normal prices (sometimes a couple of euros more) and have a huge buffet of delicious yumminess to go to town on! xxx
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  4. Great pictures
    L x


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