Thursday, 1 May 2014

April Favourites

HOW has April disappeared so quickly? This year is getting away with me! I’ve barely blogged at all this month, for which I can only apologise  - I’ve been a bit poor and boring since Mexico - staying in and eating healthily has been the order of the month! Next month it’s my birthday and I have a lot of exciting things planned, so I’m pretty sure there will be some more fun things to report. In the meantime, here’s what I’ve been loving throughout April!


I had a weird outbreak of spots around the Easter bank holiday and this Origins treatment lotion worked wonders clearing it up. I’ve done a longer review before here if you want to check it out, but this stuff is just amazing whenever my skin is playing up – it just calms it all down, reduces redness and clears spots up in no time. It’s a game changer! I’ve also been loving this weird moisturiser by Matriskin called ‘High Performance Cream’ which I actually got in a Birchbox last year but never used until recently. I use it as a night cream and it’s really light, yet leaves my skin incredibly hydrated and soft. It’s also really compact so it’s good for travelling! It normally costs about £70 though, so maybe one for the wishlist!  


We haven't had any hot water all month (don't even get me started) so dry shampoo has been very, very necessary. This coconut scented one is gorgeous, I way prefer it to the blush scent, and it's made my poor hot-water starved hair a lot happier. (I can shower at the gym...but that means I have to go to the gym. Blimey). 

Make up

I’ve reverted to my old faithful Clarins Matte foundation this month. I’ve used this foundation all my life – it’s full coverage with a matte finish and if I’m having a bad skin day, I use this and you’d never know. I’m in the colour Amber, which sounds orange but is actually a perfect match for my olivey skin tone. You can definitely feel this on your skin, so if you like barely-there foundation this isn’t for you, but otherwise, it’s a dream in a bottle! I’ve still been wearing my Benefit Hula bronzer instead of powder. Mascara wise, I’m loving the Clump Definer mascara by Max Factor – this is a water resistant version which lasts forever without smudging.

I’ve been loving bright nails this month – in particular, Revlon Fuschia Fever, a gorgeous shocking pink with a creamy consistency, and NYC Prince Street which is a shiny royal purple colour. Both are so eye catching and pretty. I also don't know if I've mentioned the Get 'Em Off nail polish remover before, but it's the only one I ever use. It's for acrylic nails so removes polish in a flash - I never use anything else now. 

Quite a new favourite as I only got this a few days ago, but I’ve been using the molecule 1 fragrance. I’m going to do a full review on this soon, but it’s basically a one-molecule formula which smells different on everybody who wears it. I really like the idea of not smelling like everyone else!  You can’t really smell it yourself, which is odd, but I’ve been enjoying trying it out – and look how pretty the bottle is!

I’m obsessed with this gorgeous teacup candle. I think it looks so vintage and pretty, and the vanilla smell is lovely – I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to bring myself to burn this, though, it’s just too lovely!

I’m loving off shoulder tops as the weather gets warmer –, have a really great selection (but be warned – the delivery is free, but I had to pay a £38 customs charge! Oops!)

As I said, I’ve been being healthy this month and we’ve enjoyed some really nice healthy dinners. I particularly liked these healthy pizzas made on tortillas instead of pizza bases!

Having said that, it was also Easter and I wasn’t exactly deprived! This chocolate bunny from my sister certainly didn’t last very long!

The Wire and Game Of Thrones should go without saying at this point – I’ve just finished Season 3 of The Wire and going strong, I’m not sure I’ll know what to do when it ends! I’ve really been liking Masterchef too but I keep missing episodes – I need to sit down and catch up!

I’ve been all over the place with music this month but my boyfriend played me a song by Elliott Smith called ‘Pitseleh’ which is absolutely beautiful. I would recommend it to anyone.

Random Favourites
Great fun weekends, our gerbils cheering themselves up and being happy again, my best friend getting a job in London so she can move back up here, eating healthily! 


Work in general! Can’t I just be a blogger? Pleeeeease?! 


  1. That chocolate bunny looks SO yummy, it wouldn't have lasted long with me either hehe!

    Jennie xo |

  2. Okay, Fuschia Fever is perfect, I think I need it...NO! Haha.
    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

  3. Love that bright pink nAil polish
    L x

  4. Hoola is on the top of my to-buy make up list


  5. I too love the dry shampoo :)

    Have you seen my new blogger templates? I think the colour burst would suit your blog wonderfully! They are just £15 and you get a free installation with it :)

  6. I definitely want to try some of that healthy pizza! I am so unhealthy but also have 0 motivation so I could really do with making some small changed like healthier options :) I really enjoyed this post!

  7. I love hotel chocolat! That looks delicious! Your tortilla pizzas look amazing too! I usually make mine on the warburtons square wholemeal wraps? They are a bit thicker than normal tortillas so don't go as crispy! :) Perfect for making cheesy garlic bread too! :)

    Love Amylou x


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