Friday, 16 May 2014


I am 27 today! I still haven’t grown out of being excited by my birthday. This morning my boyfriend brought me cake with birthday candles in bed and surprised me with an amazing present – a trip to Dublin, including tickets while we’re there to see the Arctic Monkeys!

I also had great presents from my parents, including a make up mirror, flip flops, and gorgeous candles, and my sister bought me a beautiful handbag. I’ve got a half day at work now and my colleagues have spoilt me with cakes and doughnuts, the sun is shining and I’m very happy!

I thought I’d celebrate with a quick trip down memory lane, from my 21st birthday onwards, sharing a little photo or two… feel free to laugh!


This was my last year at university and I had a little house party and then went to the union. Look at my awful yellow hair! I was trying to attract someone that night and clearly thought the best way to do it was to wear as little clothing as possible…hmm! I do remember it being really good fun!


I spent my 22nd birthday in Tenerife on a girl’s holiday. I spent the day on the beach, I kissed a rep at a horrible trashy bar on the strip, drank cocktails that tasted like paint stripper and my friends wrote ‘Happy Birthday ‘ in chocolate biscuits. What more could you want from a birthday?! (I was a bit obsessed with Hollister at the time - can you tell?!)


My 23rd was a joint party with my friend Fiona. She was the first of us to move to London and have a house there so we all stayed there and went out in Brick Lane thinking we were the coolest of the cool! We rented a karaoke room at All Star Lanes, which was brilliant, then had dinner, which gave my friend food poisoning. Then we went to a club that was a bit too cool for us. This dress was from Hollister - it was so expensive and I only wore it that night because it looked horrible! 


We stayed in Mile End again for my 24th and went to a place called Vibe Bar. Thank god by then I’d figured out my hair should be brown! I love this dress I wore – I still wear it! I remember feeling I was getting old because we only stayed till about midnight and then we went home - but looking at the photos, I guess I wasn't THAT mature! 


I was living in Wandsworth then, and I’d lost a few pounds! On my actual birthday I found out I’d failed some exams, so that was depressing, but my birthday night itself was brilliant. There are hardly any photos, which doesn’t surprise me because it was the messiest night ever – we went to a pub in London Bridge and a club in Islington. It was great fun, from what I recall!


Last year, I found out I’d passed the exams I failed the year before and I was so happy! My boyfriend and I went to Thorpe Park in the day, then for a huge meal at ASK, where he ate so much that he had to go home (seriously). And then we all went to a club, where there was lots of typical girly drama but I managed to avoid it and have a great night.

Hopefully this year will be just as much fun!


  1. Happy Birthday! Love the birthday flashback. Such a good idea.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Love the idea of looking back through your past birthdays and I'm rather jealous of your little trip to Dublin, how sweet of your boyfriend. Have a wonderful day! x

  3. Happy birthday!!!
    L x

  4. Cake for breakfast and Artic Monkey's live in Dublin? You're sorted! haha have a lovely birthday xx

  5. Happpppppy Birthday! Your cake looks so delicious xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  6. Happy birthday! Hope you had lots of fun and cake and drinks and all the good stuff coming to you :)

  7. Happy birthday! :) You do not look 27! I thought you was same age as me or so! Crazy! Anyway, I hope you have a lovely birthday! :) xx



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