Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Burger Cake, Ping Pong & Pizza

Never one to miss an opportunity to drag out my own birthday, I had all my friends over on Saturday for a night of fun and food!

We started at my house, where my friends spoilt me with presents, Prosecco, and this incredible cake, home made by my best friend in the shape of a giant burger! What could be better?!

I blew out the candles happily before we headed out (late, as ever) to Bounce, where I’d booked us a ping pong table!

It was so much fun. We had waiter service and they set up a tab so we had a few drinks, which I would say didn’t improve my game as such!

I can get a bit competitive about these things!

It was a really good thing to do for a birthday – not too expensive (the table for an hour cost £26) and a bit different. We were a bit late, which was okay, but they don’t let you have any more time on the table (for obvious reasons) so we didn’t get very long, which was a bit of a shame. Apart from that it was brilliant.

We trekked across London (I was wearing platform shoes, and my feet hurt) to Fire & Stone for more food.

More Prosecco!

For starters we had calamari – gorgeous squid in crunchy batter…


A selection of breads, meats and hummus.

Followed by excellent pizza. The Fire & Stone pizzas are ingeniously themed by country. There's so much choice - it's a really good place for vegetarians or people who are bored of the standard Italian offerings! I went for the Peking – duck, hoi sin sauce, mozarrella, spring onion and cucumber.

My boyfriend went for the Trinidad & Tobego (the spicy one, basically).

And here are a selection of the others!

The whole team!

I was really happy that everyone came out to celebrate with me. A couple of us went to the pub afterwards, but in general it was just a really good evening. A birthday to remember! 



  1. What an amazing cake! Your friend is so talented.

    I love Fire and Stone - it is so, so tasty.

    Beccy // Bluebell & Bumpkin

    1. She really is! She should be a baker! xx

  2. Such an awesome cake! Looks like a lovely time! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

  3. That cake looks incredible! Happy Birthday! All of that food looks delicious! :) xx


  4. Cool cake!


  5. OMG that burger cake looks incredible!!
    Looks like you had an amazing birthday! xx


  6. It seems like you had an amazing birthday with all of your friends! Happy belated :) Mine is coming up in just over a month!

    xo, Dolce
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  7. That burger cake looks so nice :P, hope you had a great birthday. Also I love your blog, maybe we could follow eachother :))

    AWalkInTheSun|My Blog❤️

  8. Happy late Birthday! That cake is amazing, and it looks like you had a great time!

    Maggie D. xx


  9. OMG! I actually thought the burger was an actual burger but blown up, seriously your friend is amazing! Also followed you on bloglovin' would love it if you followed back :)


  10. Love you cake lol
    L x


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