Friday, 2 May 2014

Las Iguanas Loving

Last night my sister and I had what we like to call a ‘sisterly date’.  Basically it means we dump the boys (or leave them to their own devices – both of them revising, on this occasion) and go out for dinner and drinks. Yesterday I’d had a particularly horrible day at work and I couldn’t wait to sit down with a glass of wine, good company, and something nice to eat!

We chose Las Iguanas because, well, you can’t go too far wrong with a bit of Mexican food, can you? The wine was ordered and after staring at the menu for about half an hour, we finally managed to decide and order.

My sister had empanadas with turkey to start.

She said they tasted as festive as they looked!

My duck pato taqutios came with the same cranberry sauce, which was definitely a bit Christmassy! Duck with caramelised onion in a taquito – it tastes as good as it sounds!

Sarah had haloumi cheese salad as a main, as she’d been, in her own words, ‘eating all day!’ She said it was good, but had some strange pastry flower which wasn’t too tasty!

I on the other hand went for a casual half chicken, smothered in jerk BBQ sauce. It was. So. Good. I actually couldn’t even finish it because there was so much – which never happens to me!

And then we went and drank another bottle of wine…and another one. I have a pretty sore head this morning, but it was such a fun night and we will definitely do it again soon!

So excited for this bank holiday weekend! What are you all going to be getting up to?  


  1. That jerk chicken looks perfect!

  2. All that good looks lovely.
    L x


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