Friday, 23 May 2014

Little things that made yesterday a good day

I want to try and do some more general catch ups – not just chatting about my big days out, but also just updating on the little things that I’ve been up to and what’s been going on in life. So these are the things that made me feel happy yesterday – nothing special, just the nice things that happen on an everyday basis…

1. I skipped out on my early meeting and spent the morning re-reading ‘Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets’ in bed
2. On my walk to work I came across two ducks, who were quacking about for no reason at all…and normally staid, silent business people walking by were smiling at them too
2. Mid afternoon I had a hot chocolate for absolutely no reason and didn’t feel the need to justify it at all
3. The weather went from being all muggy and overcast to a huge thunderstorm to perfect sunshine and it made me feel like it cleared my head up too, and everything felt lovely and fresh
4. Ian was out in the evening so I cooked myself a mini stir fry with pak choi, breaded chicken, udon noodles and the sweet chilli sauce that I LOVE but he doesn’t like, and ate it whilst watching an old episode of Nigella with a glass of wine
5. Then I made chocolate cupcakes and ate three of them straight away
6. I cleaned out the gerbils and they were in really sociable moods and thoroughly entertained me with their antics  
7. And finally I had a really long and lovely phone conversation with a friend of mine, who is a bit heartbroken, and I think I managed to cheer her up, which was nice.

I suppose I have to mention that the plumber didn’t turn up so we still have no hot water and the door to our balcony has inexplicably jammed itself shut. But let’s brush off these little annoyances in light of the lovely Thursday it really was!


  1. That looks amazing! Love pan choi as well! And love how you then ate 3 chocolate chip cupcakes, they sound equally as good!
    Stop by sometime, Sarah x

  2. Lovely idea to talk about all those little things that happen throughout the day that we sometimes brush aside. The ducks sound cute, love animals :)

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

  3. It's the little things that make us happy :)
    L x

  4. Good choice on Harry Potter! And that thunderstorm was just spectacular

    Beccy // Bluebell & Bumpkin

  5. This is wonderfull. I would love some more little catch ups!

  6. I'm currently reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets too haha! The little things are the things to be thankful for :) xx

  7. This is a great thing to do! Sometimes we just need to be appreciative of the little things, it makes every day a little bit better. :)

    Maggie D. xx

  8. Such a lovely post darling,love your blog:)))

    xoxo Antonella!! <3

  9. This food looks seriously yummy. I know what you mean about the overcast rain then the sun coming out, it's strange how it affects you, I'm following on bloglovin xx



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