Monday, 12 May 2014

Regent's Park Saturday Sun

The weather doesn’t seem to know whether it’s coming or going at the moment! It was forecast to rain on Saturday, but we woke up to glorious sunshine. My boyfriend was running a 10k in Regent’s Park, so I headed over to see him cross the finish line. Unfortunately, Regent’s Park is a bit of a maze, and I couldn’t find it!

Luckily, the weather was still beautiful so I wandered about in the park. I’ve never really enjoyed it before – I’ve always been rushing through on my way somewhere else, like the zoo – but it really is pretty.

People were meandering about just enjoying the morning. I watched some pigeons flapping about…

And then look who came to say hello!

I couldn’t believe how tame he was.

He was even happy for me to hang out by his favourite tree!

Just too late to meet my new friend, Ian arrived, happy because he’d managed to come fourth in the race  - amazing! I’m so proud of him!

We meandered about a bit more (well, I did – Ian rested on a bench) and found this gorgeous little fountain.

And then, as suddenly as it had arrived, the sun disappeared behind some grey, ominous clouds. Nothing like a big rain cloud as a sign that you make a swift exit! We left the flowers behind and headed home for my world famous cheese on toast (okay, it’s not famous, but it should be) and to get ready for the chilli food festival…but you’ll have to wait till tomorrow for that! 



  1. Looks like a lovely day !
    L x

  2. Regent's Park is definitely my favourite of the London parks. I walked to the very top last week and headed into St John's Wood which is amazingly pretty and quiet considering it's so central!

  3. Great photos :] x

  4. lovely !
    hello,dear,I wanna be your friend,can i ?
    A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery while on a detour.
    I am Poppy,your lovely friend


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