Monday, 23 June 2014

English Seaside Weekend Pt 1 – Norwich & Cromer

Glastonbury countdown: T minus 2 days. I’m frantically gathering together last minute bits and pieces, checking the weather forecast every five minutes and avoiding washing my hair until the last possible moment – I’m so excited!

In preparation for six days of eating fast food, drinking at 11am and sleeping in a muddy field, my boyfriend and I decided we needed a good, wholesome weekend of quality time spent away from London – especially as he has just finished taking exams, so needed to relax! I wanted an old fashioned English seaside resort, and to be honest, I picked Norwich almost out of a hat – it’s not too far away, we hadn’t been since we were children and there is a beach nearby! We booked a town centre hotel, hired a car, took Friday off work (why not) and off we went for our healthy weekend away!

Starting with prosecco and chocolates in the room when we turned up. Well, okay, not that healthy!

It was such a beautiful afternoon so we went for a wander round Norwich. Our hotel was near the cathedral so we started there, then followed the winding roads up into the town.

I didn’t know anything about Norwich and I was really surprised by what a gorgeous town it was! It reminded me a little bit of York, with chocolate box shops and cute little houses, shady streets dotted with green trees and flowers.

My brain is this size...right?
We had dinner in the hotel restaurant, which was nice but I forgot to photograph it, then had drinks at a neighbouring Wetherspoons (exotic) before falling into bed for a long, deep sleep!

The next morning, after a gigantic hotel breakfast, we went back into Norwich because obviously my boyfriend had neglected to bring any spare socks…so we hit up Primark!  Afterwards we headed to Cromer for a taste of the traditional British seaside. Cromer, unlike neighbouring Great Yarmouth, has kept its old fashioned feel – it’s a little seaside town with a proper pier, little independent places selling fish and chips and Cornish ice cream, a couple of amusement arcades and one of those stoney beaches that only English people like! There’s no Starbucks, no Mcdonald’s – no chain shops at all.

Take a look at the view!

If you lean over the sea wall the roar of the waves blocked out the shrieking children and sea gulls below. It was so peaceful.

It was a beautiful day and we went straight down to the sea. No matter what the weather, if I’m on a beach I always have to see how cold the sea is. 

Some brave souls were surfing in this, but just putting a toe in was enough for me – it was freezing!

We quickly retreated onto the pier. It was pleasantly busy (not packed) with couples curled up together on benches, families eating ice cream and crabbing with long nets, old men fishing, people walking their dogs in the sunshine. We sat down on a bench and just people watched for ages…

Before getting a bit peckish. The smell of salty, vinegary fish and chips on the beach is just intoxicating and led us up the cliff path to No 1 Fish & Chips. They do sell the crab that Cromer is famous for, but I just went for a box of chips, while my boyfriend had sausage and chips (and curry sauce, which I always think is unnecessary!)

We sat on the wall, watching the sea, to eat them.  They were so good, so hot they almost burnt my mouth, and salty and full of flavour. Just plain old chips with salt – one of the best meals I’ve had in ages!

Satiated, we wandered around the pretty little town and wasted about £5 winning a drumstick in the arcades before heading back to Norwich. 

I put my new Primark shoes on – do you like?? I swear, I can't go into that shop without buying something. It's so bad.

We had dinner in a Mexican restaurant which was so bad I’m not going to bother to name it – but here I am enjoying a strawberry margarita as the night came to an end! More tomorrow...



  1. Beautiful photos! I love escaping to the seaside - it's always so relaxing.

    Beccy ~ Bluebell & Bumpkin

  2. Lovely post, I'm actually going to Norwich next month to see a friend, very excited now!


  3. This looks amazing, how can this beach be in England haha xx


  4. Looks amazing. Lovely little English town
    L x


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