Tuesday, 24 June 2014

English Seaside Weekend Pt 2 – Great Yarmouth

Sunday dawned another beautiful, sunny day. Again, we started with breakfast and a quick shopping trip to Norwich – my boyfriend bought a few things for Glastonbury (which is TOMORROW! Pray to the weather gods for me, people), and I wanted to see if I could find any Tanya Burr products in Superdrug (I couldn’t – boo).

Afterwards, we still had loads of time before we needed to be home, so we decided to head to another Norfolk seaside resort. 

Great Yarmouth is pretty much the opposite of Cromer – but in a way, it’s just as British! It’s a proper, full on seaside town – long, sandy beaches lined with kids theme parks, bouncy castles, crazy golf, huge, bustling amusement arcades, shops selling crappy souvenirs, candy floss stalls, ice cream huts, donkey rides, horses pulling carriages.

It’s a big, tacky seaside resort, basically – but it’s still quintessentially English. All the shops sell tea. I sort of love it.

I remember Great Yarmouth as a child – we must have stayed in Norfolk for a holiday, and I can vividly picture driving through the streets at night, dazzled by the bright, flashing lights of the arcades spelling out their exotic names – ‘Pink Flamingo,’ ‘The Golden Nugget,’ ‘Silver Slippers.’ We had gone for dinner and on the way out I had asked my dad if we could play mini golf – not ever expecting him to agree- and he said yes! We played crazy golf – at night! It was one of the most exciting things you can ever imagine as a 7 year old, or however old I was. (We weren’t allowed in the arcades!)

On my return visit I was happy to find most of the arcades I remembered from my childhood were still there. Out of nostalgia (and because I hadn’t been allowed in when I was little) we went into the Golden Nugget. Isn't it just an explosion of lights and colour?!

Roughly £10 later, we had won one strawberry lollipop, and I sort of saw my parents’ point!

Next up on my list of childhood excitements-  crazy golf. The pirate one really appealed to me – the blue water just looked so refreshing in the heat!

It was really good fun, but busy, so we kept getting stuck behind families – and 18 holes is, it turns out, quite a lot! 

(Never smile at a crocodile...)

Maybe I’m getting old…

We had an ice cream, then went down to the beach ‘for a look…’ where we promptly fell asleep for half an hour on the sand. What was that about old?!

When the old pensioners eventually woke up, we managed to walk the (miles, it seemed) down the beach, to paddle in the sea before we finally had to get into the car and start our journey home.

I would really recommend a little break by the English seaside. These places are becoming more and more neglected but they’re lovely and they have so much more character than some plastic place like Malia or Kos. If you get the chance, go, even just for the day – go and have fish and chips, lose money in an arcade, have a big ice cream, play crazy golf and wander about barefoot on a stoney beach, saying ‘ouch! Ow! Oh god, was that a crab?’ You’ll be surprised how good for the soul it is!

I’ll be a bit quiet for the next few days, but after that will be back with a Glastonbury review –see you on the other side!



  1. I'm from Norwich and Yarmouth is such a guilty pleasure haha! Love your photos, I'm feeling like I might have to give it a cheeky visit again soon ;) Jacintha xxx


  2. Looks like another lovely day :)
    L x

  3. Wow how wide and gorgeous is that beach?! Your photographs take me back to growing up in East Yorkshire and all my weekend trips to the coast - especially Bridlington and Filey. I use to find the stereotypical British beach thing a bit to OTT but know it's one of the big things that I associate with the British seaside, more so now that I feel all landlocked in America. Oh the smell of seaweed, candy floss and fish and chips!


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