Thursday, 19 June 2014

Manchester Hen Weekend

One of my good friends is getting married next month!

She made me bridesmaid, which I'm so excited about...and one of my responsibilities was to organise the hen do. Now, I've always thought hen dos are really good fun – now that most of my friends have coupled off, the chance to get all the girls together without any boys involved is always welcome. I never realised, however, quite how much work it is to organise one! It was really stressful, and I'm glad it all came together and she had a good time. 

My friend went to Manchester University and wanted to return to the city for the weekend, so I booked a penthouse apartment so we could celebrate in style! I’ve only been to the city once before, even though my dad used to live in the area and I’ve always thought it looked really cool, so I was excited to try some city life!

Unfortunately, the owner of the flat made a bit of a cock up and we couldn’t get in till 6pm…so we just had to sit in a cool little pub, listening to the Arctic Monkeys and drinking cider all afternoon. What a shame!

When we finally got in, we decorated the place and sorted out some food and drink before the bride arrived…

Upon which we obviously decorated everyone in the required sashes!

We hung out in the flat and enjoyed the view and a few drinks before we went out. 

Don’t worry, there were no strippers involved – we just had two really good nights out. The first night at The Venue, which was having a sixties night! The photos are... not exactly great!

The next day we went shopping, checked out the Arndale Centre and did some damage, before having a greasy lunch and a nap to recover…

In the evening we played stupid games, had an Indian, a lot more Prosecco and messed about with a photo booth...

It was the England match...

 So my friend and I made sure we were suitably attired! Isn't this just the best football top you've ever seen in your life?! (£8 from Primark, if you're wondering! Best £8 I've ever spent...) 

Afterwards we headed to 42’s, but it was a bit quiet so we weren’t there for long before we headed home.

It was such a fun weekend, but I was surprised by how much I did miss my boyfriend and found it strange going out without him. I guess I am pretty attached! The city of Manchester itself was brilliant and we’re planning to go back there, this time to visit more bars and less clubs!


  1. Looks like a lovely weekend! I always find hen dos/baby showers weird when you're forced to hang out JUST with girls.... Our group of friends is so mixed it always feels like there are people missing when it's just the ladies!!

    Rosie xx

  2. Those cookies look yummy!

  3. Ooh looks like you did a great job, lots of people seem to love Manchester, may have to take a visit sometime soon! x

    What Rachael Wrote

  4. Looks so fun! Especially the food mmmm!
    alicekatex ♥

  5. Looks looks you had a great time! Food looks delicious!! <3
    Isz. xx from
    Fyi. Love your blog name!

  6. Looks like you had a great time! Food looks delicious! <3
    Isz. xx from
    Fyi, love your blog name!!

  7. We are thinking of something similar for my friends hen, looks like fun!! x

  8. Looks like a great time.
    L x

  9. This looks like you had an amazing time! I'm sure all the planning paid off!

    Maggie D. xx

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