Tuesday, 17 June 2014

St Katherine's Dock

Last Thursday I met a friend for drinks for the first time. Do you ever meet someone and really get on with them, and then really hope they like you and want to be friends too, but you don't want to be too keen?! Well, that's how I felt! The weather was meant to be gorgeous, so after some discussion, we decided to go to St Katherine's Dock for drinks and some dinner. 

I was there early, so I took a couple of photos. I'd forgotten what a beautiful part of London it is. It's been described as hidden gem, and honestly, even though the sun was out and it was right after work, it really wasn't busy in the way that other areas of the city would be. 

The sun glints off the water, little boats bob about and people chat around little tables outside pretty restaurants and bars, or wander in and out of the independent shops.

We ended up eating at a Spanish tapas place, which was really nice - I didn't take any photos, as I wanted to concentrate on having a good evening. And we really did! Perhaps too good...

As it led to yet more drinks in the slightly less classy Slug & Lettuce!

I was a bit worse for wear the next day, but it was a really good night. A part of London I would recommend to anyone. Also, I just thought it was worth noting that, although I was a bit nervous that we would have nothing to say to each other, I'm really glad I went out for a drink. I think sometimes it's easy to cling to familiarity and the people you know, and in doing so you might miss out on getting to know somebody you could become equally great friends with. Anyone you meet could be a new friend! 


  1. Aww what a lovely idea, going for dinner with friends is a great idea and I'm glad you enjoyed it! The place you visited looks really nice too!
    Stop by sometime, Sarah x


  2. I just love St Katherine's Dock - it's so peaceful and always makes me forget I'm in London. Lovely post and gorgeous pics!

    Beccy | Bluebell & Bumpkin

  3. This looks really pretty
    L x

  4. St Katherine's Dock is beautiful! I'd highly recommend a visit to The Dickens Inn and The Medieval Banquet there too!

  5. Never heard of St Katherine's Dock, but it looks great x



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