Friday, 20 June 2014

Work Life – Birmingham Business Trip

I got back from Manchester on Sunday night, exhausted, feeling unhealthy and hungover. The last thing I wanted to do was wake up at 6.30am to catch a train to Birmingham – but that’s exactly what I had to do, as I had a three day business trip to face. I couldn’t think of anything worse – I wanted to go to a health farm for 3 days, not  a busy city centre!

However, I have to admit I cheered up when I saw the gorgeous apartment I would be staying in for the week. My company do treat me okay sometimes. I grabbed a couple of biscuits and enjoyed the view of the city.

Sometimes I do feel like my life is a series of amazing balconies. Still, it makes for good photos!

I was there with a lot of colleagues, so after we got the boring business part out of the way, we had some good nights out. We were staying right by the canal, where we mostly went to eat – it’s so pretty, and the weather was gorgeous so we had a great time.

On the first night we went for dinner at Carluccio’s – I had a lovely seafood risotto, which sadly I forgot to photograph – before heading back, perhaps slightly tipsy, to one of the other girls' apartments. Which had a balcony even cooler than mine!

We settled down with wine and chocolate fingers to watch the football.

Unfortunately for the sole boy amongst us, we didn’t find it very interesting, so we quickly flicked over to the Made In Chelsea final. Only one thing I can say – ‘oh, Binky.’

I was still shattered from the weekend (and pretty sure I was getting a cold) so once the show was over I bowed out of anymore drinks and took myself to bed with a book (Caitlin Moran’s ‘How To Be A Woman’, which I have just finished and couldn’t recommend more) and a bottle of water.

I bounded out of bed fresh faced and awake the next day, whereas some of my colleagues had been out till 3am! I enjoyed some breakfast on the balcony and wandered about my apartment a bit more...

Those of us who could face it headed to Bodegas for Mexican food, to watch the Mexico-Brazil game. The nachos were incredible – if you live in the area, you have to go! We had tables downstairs and the vibe was really cool and relaxed (although the Brazilian supporters were a bit loud – of all the places, why would you pick a Mexican restaurant to watch that particular game?!)

The margaritas were beautiful and reminded me of my amazing holiday in Cancun (oh, if only). Bearing that in mind, I might’ve had a few too many.

Once the game was (uneventfully) over, we ended up in town at what I can only describe as the world’s worst club. Now, bear in mind it’s a Tuesday night, so that might explain how wild and crazy it was…


Despite that, we managed to have fun – mostly consisting of plastic hats of cocktails, pretending it was various people’s birthdays, and requesting the Spice Girls!

Last night I was finally allowed to go home, for two days rest before a weekend at the beach, and then Glastonbury next week…do you ever feel like you never stop?! I suppose at least it makes for an interesting blog!



  1. I tried to tweet you (better for a conversation) but it didn't seem to recognise your Twitter name, so here I am commenting!

    I also just read How to Be a Woman, and really enjoyed it :)

  2. The apartment does look rather lovely I also feel like I'm always going 100mph none stop xx


  3. Looks like a lovely week
    L x

  4. Wow looks like you had a crazy week! I would love the traveling though. And, like you said, it makes for an interesting blog!

    Maggie D. xx


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