Wednesday, 23 July 2014

And now for something completely different…Monty Python, Live at the O2

When I heard that Monty Python were going to put on a series of live shows at the O2, I immediately knew I wanted to get tickets for me and my Dad. He loves Monty Python and has shown me the funniest sketches as I grew up, and I thought it would be a really nice thing for us to do. The tickets sold out in under a minute (!) and were quite ludicrously expensive – but I managed to get my hands on a pair, so we headed off excitedly to the O2!

It had been decked out for the occasion, dead parrot and all!

We took our seats (right up in the rafters, but still with a really good view) and waited for the show.

I’ve heard that reviews have been very mixed, but I personally thought it was brilliant and my Dad had a great time too. All the old favourites were there – the lumberjack song, the dead parrot, the cheese shop and of course, Spam – but the way they slightly alter them each time keeps it fresh, and at certain points they were laughing themselves, which made it just so much more enjoyable!

There’s a lot of audience participation, encouraging everyone to sing along to the songs, and it is very deliberately still of its time – so if you’re going to be offended by songs like ‘I Like Chinese’, you might want to get a sense of humour or not bother! It’s risqué in places too – definitely not for kids!

Alright, there were quite a lot of old clips during the dress changes, but the show itself pokes fun at that, and realistically how else could they do the costume changes?

Overall, I thought it was brilliant – good old fashioned humour with genuinely funny modern touches (a reference to Louis Suarez went down well, for example) and a feeling of warmth and love from the audience that couldn’t fail to leave you feeling that it was worth the trip. A really, really good evening! 


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I loved Monty Python as a kid (still love the movies!) but apart from the musical numbers I didn't enjoy the show that much. I think I'll stick to the old videos and DVDs!

    How did I miss that massive parrot??

    Caroline x

  2. Sounds great
    L x


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