Thursday, 17 July 2014

Dublin Part 1: Arctic Monkeys and a 50s Diner

My boyfriend, showing his kind understanding of my deep love for another man (Alex Turner – be still my beating heart), bought me an amazing birthday present this year – a long weekend away in Dublin, with the added excitement of tickets to see the Arctic Monkeys at Marlay Park. I’ve been to Dublin before and loved it, so couldn’t wait to spend a weekend in the city!

We flew from Southend Airport, which turns out to be the smallest airport in England (probably) – the plane looked like a little toy plane, which did nothing to calm my flyer nerves! Still, we made it there in one piece and even managed to get a bus all the way into the city centre (last time, we somehow got off about 10 stops too early and had to sheepishly get in a cab!) We dumped our stuff and headed out for an early drink at the Heineken bar on the river. It’s really nice, very modern and decorated with national flags.

After a couple of drinks for the road, we jumped in a cab which took us out to Marlay Park – a beautiful venue, with the stage set back against rolling hills. I’ve never been to anywhere in Dublin outside the city centre so it was nice to see a more scenic part of the city!

The atmosphere on the way in was a little rough but once we were inside, everyone was just relaxed and having a good time! We grabbed a drink, then watched the warm up – Miles Kane was good, but Jake Bugg was brilliant!

I don’t know why everyone slags him off all the time – is it just because he’s good? The second album tracks sounded great live and he really got the crowd going.

Then it was time for the main event…

The Arctic Monkeys were as brilliant as ever (although I have to admit a little sadness that they’ve dropped ‘Cornerstone’ from their setlist – it’s just one of their most beautiful songs, and I missed it). But the new album sounded just as incredible live as it has in the past, with the benefit of better acoustics. We were quite far forward which was amazing.

The only problem with Marlay Park is getting away from it – we’d been a little scared by all the ‘alerts’ warning people that getting home was their own responsibility and MUST be arranged in advance! In the event, it was fine – we wandered for about 20 minutes before managing to hail a taxi which swept us back into the city centre.

It was midnight, and we were starving. I supposed the best I could hope for was probably some fast food…but then this little place caught my eye. Eddie Rocket’s City Diner.

This place. Is. Amazing.

It’s literally like a little piece of 50s America, sat in the middle of Dublin. Like stepping into the Grease movie, with old fashioned milkshakes, booths, a jukebox machine… I was very, very happy!

We ordered a whole mountain of food – nachos, quaesedillas…a strawberry milkshake to die for…

Followed by the obligatory American diner staple, obviously – burgers and chips.

I ate until I was so full I could barely move. The food was great, but it was the atmosphere that really made the place – despite being late at night, it wasn’t full of drunken idiots being rude or causing a scene, it was just really chilled out.

Full to the brim, we staggered back and collapsed in bed to get a good night’s sleep in preparation for a fun day…but that’s for tomorrow’s post!  


  1. I can't wait for your next post, a few of my friends have visited Dublin recently and have loved it! That diner looks amazing, I love places like that x

    What Rachael Wrote

    1. Yay thank you! It was awesome :) xx

  2. Just a bit jealous, seems so long ago since I saw The Arctic Monkeys.

    I'm just starting out on my blog, would appreciate it if you could check it out x

    1. They're so good! Of course I'll have a look chick x

  3. Sounds great
    L x

  4. I love the Arctic Monkeys so much and I've never seen them live! Not going to lie, I'm very jealous haha! I'm glad you had an awesome time though :)
    Alice x


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