Thursday, 3 July 2014

Glastonbury Festival 2014

I got back from Glastonbury on Monday night, but I feel like I’m only just recovering now! This is going to be a very photo heavy post, for which I am not sorry at all...

I have been to lots of music festivals before, but Glastonbury was just on another level. Luckily my boyfriend and two of our friends arrived early and managed to pitch the tents practically on top of the pyramid stage – in my opinion, it’s the best camping spot at the whole festival!

We set up our table (which was destined to break about half an hour later), and went off to explore in the sunshine.

Unlike other festivals, Glastonbury doesn’t have a camping ground and then an arena section with the stages – it’s all mixed in together, which makes it very homogenous and cool, but also incredibly confusing – especially if you are, like me, somewhat directionally challenged. I spent the whole weekend unsure of where I was, following the sporadic sign posts to the Pyramid tent to get back! 

We had a few ciders and as it was one of my friends’ birthdays, we celebrated with balloons, hats and cakes…

Before heading off to a silent disco in the evening! It was so good – something I’d definitely recommend!

The one important thing to remember about Glastonbury is that it is much longer than other festivals. If I could go back I’d definitely chill out a bit more for the first few days – it’s difficult, because you’re so excited, but I think I’d feel a bit better now if I had!

The weather on our first day was so amazing that I couldn't believe it would ever rain again...but, after all, this is England, and the next day saw us buying papers to get free ponchos...

The weather was the most schizophrenic I've ever known - one minute glorious sunshine, the next minute hailstones and pouring rain, leading to burnt noses, muddy feet and rainbows!

You couldn't go anywhere without wanting to change your clothes - from wellies, to shorts, to anoraks, to flip flops! 

Still, at least the rain cleaned up the toilets, which were just as gloriously gruesome as I'd imagined - why, oh why, do they need to call them 'the long drop?' There were some downsides to the rain in the loo though, as one boy shouted indignantly from the cubicle next to me - 'I'm getting hailstones on my bum!'

As ever, though, the great British sense of humour prevailed!

My favourite performance of the weekend goes to the Black Keys, which to be honest, I could've predicted - I love them so much that it would've been difficult for them to let me down. Dolly Parton was fabulous - I loved her little anecdotes and her country girl attitude - and random amazing performance of the weekend was from Rodrigo y Gabriela, two crazy Mexican guitarists who lit up the Pyramid stage with their amazing playing, bringing me out of a morning hangover with their cover of Radiohead's 'Creep.' 

The food was impressive too - I was expecting the usual chips and burgers, but I had amongst other things an excellent paella, a Camembert baghuette...and some really good ice creams! 

There's just so much to see - from the trippy weirdness of Shangri-La and the rabbit hole, to the cool vibes of the Stone Circle - and there's always something weird going on!

The weekend was messy, exciting, and so much fun - mostly because of the amazing people I spent it with. 

I really hope I can do it all again next year!

Did any of you go to Glastonbury? What were you favourite bands? 



  1. This post makes me so jealous!! I am from the states, and I have been watching Glastonbury videos all week! Being able to see the Pyramid stage from your tent is incredible--this post makes me wish I could have gone even more. I saw all the rain and muddy photos people were posting, but it looks like you still had an amazing time. I LOVE The 1975, and their set was incredible. were you able to see them? Great post and amazing pictures--it looks like you had a blast!

    Maggie D. xx

    1. I actually saw them twice! They did a secret gig on Thursday night which was AMAZING, then we saw them on the main stage on Sunday afternoon :) Every year before I have watched it on TV wishing I was there, so glad I finally made it! Hopefully one day you will too :) xxx

  2. Ah it really was on another level wasn't it? I'm on such a comedown after coming back. It was one of the best weeks of my life. We camped next to Arcadia which turned out to be amazing. We spent a lot of time in The Park and the silent disco! The spider didn't let me have much sleep on the last night though before the drive home haha!

    1. It was amazing!! Arcadia was so much fun :) Glad you liked the silent disco toooo! Oh my god I could hear the spider from the Pyramid stage, no wonder you got no sleep! xxx

  3. Very jealous! I adore the Black Keys, saw them at leeds a few years back! Glastonbury is on my list for next year, it looks like you had an unreal time!


  4. WHOA! What an experience! Looks like quite a time and some great memories!
    Kallie - But First, Coffee

  5. Looks like you had an awesome time!! Great pics
    L x

  6. Looks like fun! My only issue with festivals is that I'm scared of not getting a shower and the smell of the toilets hehe!
    alicekatex ♥

  7. I'm definitely not cut-out for festivals but Glastonbury always looks like SO much fun! So pleased you had a fabulous time!!

    Jennie xo |

  8. If I knew Metallica was going to be at Glasto, I would have hopped the pond across there! So so jealous! But it looks like you had a blast! :D

  9. Glastonbury looks like an amazing experience. I've never been but it honestly does look great and I'm glad you had such a good time!

  10. Note to self: go to Glastonbury. Man I really want to go. Your post definitely gave me wanderlust. :] // ☼

  11. What a fun festival! I have heard so much about it from other bloggers and of course the world wide web. Your photos are great and you can just see the excitement of the weekend. Love it! Great blog post :)


  12. You took some awesome shots...that sign definitely should have read 'Lost Soles' though...I'm too funny!! ;)

    Thanks for checking my Glasto post out too :D


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