Monday, 7 July 2014

June Favourites

I'm a  bit late this month – my only excuse is that June just disappeared for me! I’ve been so busy – I’ve been away from home a lot, and somehow it’s July and I’ve barely noticed! Apologies that it’s late, but here are the things I’ve been loving this month!
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Make up
I’ve barely changed up my make up this month – I just haven’t had time! I’m still loving most of what I was using last month. I have added a primer more regularly due to the hotter weather, especially in the evenings when I want a more ‘finished’ look – my favourite is the Benefit Porefessional, I just love how it feels on the skin. I’ve also been using Benefit’s ‘Dallas’, which is somewhere between a bronzer and a blush  - I think it gives such a lovely summer glow.

As I’ve been in such a rush this month, I’ve not wanted to fuss about too much with my eyes. I’ve been using the Clinique chubby stick in Fudge – just a smudge of that, with a couple of colours from the Naked palette. I mostly like ‘Toasted’ and ‘Dark Horse,’ with a bit of ‘Virgin’ on the brow bone. It’s the only eye palette I have, because I really can’t see why you’d need another one if you own this!

I really haven’t worn lipstick this month – I’ve maybe smudged in a bit of lip pencil, like this one in Nude by Rimmel, then put on a lip gloss, like Benefit’s ‘Hula’ which gives a kind of golden-goddessy look I love! In general though I’ve just been feeling very natural and beachy, and I find that lipstick can look a bit harsh on my skin in the summer.

Still obsessed with the Garnier coconut combination from last month! I’ve actually started to really like my new slightly shorter hairstyle (although the fringe is driving me mad – it needs to grow out asap!) and I’ve been messing it up using dry shampoo, in particular this Batiste one which smells way better than the usual Blush fragrance. It was an absolute godsend at Glastonbury and I have found myself just spritzing it in even when my hair is clean, just because I like the smell so much!


My skin broke out a bit this month (it’s been a heavy one) and the La Roche-Possay Effacular Duo really shone through as a skin saviour. It manages to clear up spots without drying them out – I think it is a bit of a miracle product, to be honest!


Lots of bracelets, worn festival style with my Glastonbury wristband (which I had to cut off for work, sad times). Also, denim shirts – these two are my favourites; the lighter one is a Primark bargain and the darker one (ignore my moody face) is from Forever 21. I just think they make any outfit a bit more interesting! I also loved my Accessorize sunglasses, which I managed to immediately break at Glastonbury, obviously – sob.


Arcade Fire, Black Keys and Kasabian – all my favourites at Glastonbury, they were amazing. Arcade Fire ‘Rebellion’ and ‘Reflektor,’ Kasabian ‘LSF’ and Black Keys ‘Fever’ are probably my songs of the festival – all just such amazing songs.


Domino’s pizza, for saving my life the day after Glastonbury (this month’s post has become a bit Glasto obsessed – have you noticed?), chips and ice cream by the seaside, and Yoo Moo frozen yoghurt. I need to put the fork down…  


Celebrity Masterchef (I counted 8 minutes before Christopher Biggins namedropped Jo Collins..), and trash TV – I’ve had no patience this month, all I’ve watched is Catfish, Ex on the Beach and Toddlers & Tiaras. So bad, but so much fun.  


Y’all need to go and follow the amazing cakesivebaked, run by my talented best friend who not only made me this insane burger cake for my birthday…

But also made this super cute pig cake for my friend this weekend..

 – complete with surprise M&M’s!

Go and show her some love!

Glastonbury OBVIOUSLY. A gorgeous weekend with my boyfriend by the seaside… a fun hen do! And just hanging out at home with my favourite little friends!

Too much travelling, work, and a week long recovery from Glastonbury!

Sorry it’s not a great Favourites post this month, but still – what did you guys like this month?!


  1. Great post!! Is that a chipmunk?? It's pretty cute no matter what it is!!
    L x

  2. Love Effaclar Duo, it IS a miracle worker!! And domino's obviously! Great post :)

  3. The Porefessional is my favourite primer, it's almost over but I'm trying to get all the product out!
    I've been wanting to try the Batiste Dry Shampoo for so long!!! Next time I'll travel, I'll get it for sure! :D
    Aww Dominos <3

  4. I couldn't be without POREfessional and heard nothing but amazing things about Effeclar Duo :) Catfish is one of my favourite shows! :)
    I would really appreciate a follow back :)

  5. I love the sound of Dallas & those cakes look AMAZING!! <3

    Jennie xo |


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