Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Mummy & Daughter Spa Day

Glastonbury was amazing, but it took a lot out of me. I’m only just waking up feeling normal again (yes – seriously!), so last week mostly consisted of getting early nights, taking my vitamins, drinking a lot of water and watching rubbish TV! My Mum has also been suffering a bit. Recently my Dad has had to have an operation to fix a partially detached retina, which obviously has meant he’s had bad sight in one eye, and needed a lot of looking after. My Mum is a really good nurse, but even she gets tired!

At the weekend, my boyfriend went off to Yorkshire to watch the Tour de France and so I went home, to make a fuss of my Dad and so that my Mum and I could check out for a day. Do you ever just feel like a trolley, out of control, running down a hill? Well, that’s how I felt last week, and I needed someone (my Mum, as ever) to grab hold of the handles and say ‘Stop!’

We headed to Bannatyne’s Fairfield Spa in Bedfordshire. Based in the grounds of an old mental hospital (slightly alarming, but hey, I felt a bit mad when I arrived), it’s a beautiful old building which has been converted tastefully into a spa. It’s not pretentious like some places I’ve been to before – it’s just peaceful, and calming, and exactly what I needed!

We were shown round and ordered some food for later before getting into our robes and slippers – I really love putting a robe on! It made me feel more relaxed almost straight away! Out by the pool we sank into soft loungers under the low lighting. There’s a large pool (big enough to swim lengths in, if you really wanted to), a huge Jacuzzi, a sauna and a steam room, as well as a ‘relaxation room’ where you wait for your treatments.

After about 10 minutes in the pool and a few minutes of reading my book, I felt more relaxed than I had in weeks. We had such a lovely day, moving slowly from the pool to the Jacuzzi and back to our loungers, pausing briefly for lunch (chicken & bacon salad – good, warm bread and oil – not quite so good, peanut butter cheese cake – oops!)

I had a 15 minute back massage – I don’t think it actually was 15 minutes, but to be honest, I don’t enjoy the treatments as much as I enjoy the day itself. Look how contented I am!

It was really nice just to stop the world and get off for a minute. It was so cosy and warm and it really was like going into hibernation for a day. I’m going to a spa again soon the day before my friends’ wedding, and I can’t wait – spas are the way forward for me! 



  1. I love that it's in an old mental home!! Looks like a lovely day though


  2. oooh this looks like such a great day - i need a spa day!!!

  3. This looked lovely. U love spas too
    L x

  4. I wish to have a spa day!)so lovely!)

    will be happy if you'll find a minute to see my blog!


  5. Lucky you! Sounds like so much fun - I definitely need a spa day soon.

    Hmm maybe...

  6. Came across your Blog from Fleur's I would just like to say that your blog is amazing..I love the design and the pictures.. Just amazing

    If you have a minute please come over to my Blog http://myroutinesjade.blogspot.co.uk/ leave a comment if you would.... it would mean a lot

    have a lovely day.. Keep up the good work

    Jade :D

  7. “It was really nice just to stop the world and get off for a minute.” – I agree. There's no harm in taking a break and pampering yourself once in a while. Your body does need to recuperate and reenergize after long days of work, study, and play. Anyway, it’s great to know you had an awesome day! Take care! :)

    William Connors @ The Healing Station


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