Sunday, 31 August 2014

A Tale Of Two Burgers: Shake Shack vs Honest Burger

A while back, I wrote a post comparing GBK to Byron Burger. It was a pretty even fight, and in the end I couldn't really pick between them! Since then, I've seen a hundred other blogposts on burger places that I wanted to visit, but I work full time and most of them can't be booked - I don't know about you but I, personally, don't want to waste 45 minutes of my precious Friday nights in a queue for a burger! Although I'll be honest, I might have to queue again for this...

Honest Burgers 

Anyway, last week I finally had some time off so I decided it was about time I tried out some of these hyped up burger joints, so I could give my honest opinion. Wednesday was National Burger Day, after all. We started the day before at Shake Shack in Covent Garden. 

I have read so many reviews about Shake Shack and I was really excited. What none of them had told me, however, is that this really is just an upmarket fast food joint. Maybe that's stupid, maybe it was meant to be obvious, but I'd expected a restaurant. In actuality you queue up, pay an extortionate amount of money, and then are given a tray. It's left to you to find a seat, and even on a Tuesday lunchtime we had to wait while the cheese on our chips congealed in front of us. It's all just quite a lot of hassle - you order, pay and collect at three different stations - and it's eye wateringly expensive for what is, in my opinion, a hyped up McDonald's.

Yeah, I'm sorry, I said it. We had a Smokestack burger, which was nice enough, in a cheap-patty-with-melted-cheese-on-it type way, and chips with cheese. I'd been so excited about these but like I say, mine were congealed and cold by the time we sat down. They'd have been better fresh, I imagine. My milkshake tasted like liquidised strawberry ice cream, which isn't a bad thing, but isn't wildly exciting either. 

Mostly though I was just taken aback by the price. It was over £30 for the two of us - I nearly passed out. Go to McDonald's and save your time!

The next day I felt a little bit put off burgers, but it was after all National Burger Day and we were in Brixton Village, and so I was compelled to give Honest Burgers a chance. It's very small, a quaint little restaurant with a chalkboard menu and lovely, friendly staff. My boyfriend ordered the new special burger, whilst I went for a classic Honest burger. They come with rosemary fries included.

I mean, come on. Just look at it. 

This was quite possibly the tastiest burger I have eaten. Huge, perfectly cooked medium with salty, tangy bacon, sweet caramelised onion and molten cheese. The bread was sourdough perfection. The chips, which were plentiful and piping hot, were to die for - I've never considered putting rosemary on chips before, but I will in the future!

My boyfriend, who has eaten a lot of burgers, described his special as 'potentially the best burger I have ever eaten.' It took ages to eat, partially because we were savouring it but partly because the portions were so generous.

The restaurant is all bare wood and jam jar glasses - Pinterest perfection. AND it was a good £5 cheaper than Shake Shack. Sorry, can we just look at it again please? 

So unlike my last burger-off, this one is easily won. Maybe it isn't fair to compare fast food to a gorgeous little place like this - but at the end of the day, if they don't want the comparison, Shake Shack shouldn't price themselves at the level of a proper restaurant. If you've been checking out burger places on blogs and you're not sure which one to go to, make it Honest Burgers - trust me, you won't regret it!


  1. I felt the same as you about Shake Shake although I loved the crinkle fries. I really want to try Honest and Dirty Burger.

  2. Watching these pictures makes me so hungry. Great pictures and keep up the good work.



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