Friday, 22 August 2014

Instagram - Follow Me! (Again - please!)

Okay first of all, the main point of this post is to ask all of you to follow me me on my Instagram - username catscruse - I want lots of lovely bloggers to follow!

Okay a bit of explanation time...I did initially set up an instagram in the name of my blog, but it turns out running two Instagrams is difficult and time consuming and I basically couldn't keep it up. So I've decided to merge the two, and now everyone is welcome to follow my personal Instagram - if you want to see more photos of food, views from balconies (my life is a series of views from balconies, honestly) and photos of my face!
Hope you're all having a lovely Friday, and follow meeee! 

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  1. I never really post too much on instagram ha but mine is kenziedear22 if you want to follow me back! I love looking at what people capture though! :)


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